Thursday, October 13, 2016

Speculation on GSN's acquisition of 'Wheel of Fortune'

My own speculation about Wheel of Fortune coming to GSN:

In one word: Exposure

Over the past five years, Steve Harvey Family Feud reruns have been exposed on GSN. In that time, Harvey Feud ratings have grown massively in syndication, spun in to its own ABC Celebrity version (now lasting three seasons) and has benefited the host's career, Steve Harvey, greatly. 

SONY may have stricken a deal with GSN to get more exposure for very modern Wheel of Fortune reruns on another network (now GSN) due to lacking ratings for the syndicated version the past three years and falling behind Family Feud the past several months.


  1. Hm. They should have pulled in "Jeopardy!" too...

    1. Wheel of Fortune has a much better shot at good ratings on GSN than Jeopardy! The last time we saw Jeopardy! on GSN, ratings weren't too hot and recent episodes (4 years old at the time) didn't last a year in a midday slot.

    2. The funny thing is that Wheel of Fortune creams Family Feud when it goes head-to-head against it. These numbers from Atlanta (ninth largest market in the U.S.) are typical...

      Wheel crushes Feud at 7:00 PM, 5.0 to 1.4. The only reason Feud now has a small lead on Wheel in the weekly Nielsen reports is that Feud gets to add up all the ratings from its four (or more) daily runs. Wheel only has one daily run.

      If Sony wanted to make Wheel number one in the weekly reports again, it would only have to run a second repeat strip in syndication. That would vault Pat and Vanna well past Steve in the weekly reports.

      My guess is that Wheel is coming to GSN because of GSN's recent struggles, not because Wheel is currently two-tenths of a point behind Feud in the (completely unfair) Nielsen weeklies.

    3. By "recent struggles", I would assume since GSN started seeing Winsanity go down in June and knowing nothing else new is coming up on the development slate expected limited runs Hellevator and Window Warriors.

      A lease as big as Wheel of Fortune has likely been in the works for months.

      By "recent struggles", someone reading this might think just Hellevator and Scare Tactics, which prompted GSN to obtain Wheel of Fortune that quickly. No. Takes longer than that.

    4. Casey: With that 5.0 for Wheel of Fortune crushing Family Feud head to head, that figure (the 5.0) for Wheel of Fortune is still down compared to a few years ago.

    5. The reason Feud has 4 runs a day is because every season, there is 2 new episodes per day. Right now in my area, the reruns are from the 14-15 season. Jeopardy only has 2 runs because you can air that any time of day unlike Wheel which airs mostly in primetime slots.

    6. I know most you guys may not care about this (also could be a spoiler here) but the solution to that "THING" is Tough Workout. Her name is Autumn Erhard and I think she was the second million dollar winner in WOF history.

  2. Actually, Wheel's 5.0 was up from last year in Atlanta, but what the hey. Broadcast ratings of all kinds - including syndication - have steadily gone down for decades as cable/satellite and now OTT have cut into the numbers. Even the biggest shows on broadcast nowadays get ratings that would have gotten them axed almost immediately in, say, 1990.

    Wheel is hardly in any trouble. GSN, on the other hand, can use all the help it can get right now.

  3. And the all knowing grumpy maximus hath spoken!