Friday, October 7, 2016

Revised GSN schedules for October 10-16 and October 17-23: 'Winsanity' put on hiatus

Literally the minute the new season of Hellevator premieres, GSN releases revised advanced schedules for the next two weeks. Winsanity will go on hiatus effective next Thursday (October 13th). Winsanity remains in reruns on Thursday nights at 9pm, 12am and 3am. Additionally, Winsanity remains in its three Sunday rerun slots (12pm, 12:30pm, 12am):

October 10-16 (update)
October 17-23 (update)

Winsanity has received mostly poor ratings over the past three months. Winsanity has not recored one new run on Thursday nights above 400,000 total viewers (which is considered "good' for a new run GSN original) since July 7th. 18-49 figures have also been mostly negative for Winsanity, only being near the GSN primetime norm the past three of thirteen weeks (above 100,000 18-49 viewers).

Including this week (October 5th), 28 (of 40 ordered) Winsanity episodes have aired.


  1. Winsanity on hold? They should've moved it elsewhere.

    1. I believe GSN should have moved new episodes of Winsanity to 11pm and 11:30pm ET on Thursdays in August. Winsanity would have been out of primetime and all 40 episodes would have aired by the end of October. GSN's problem is they still have 12 more new episodes on the shelf that they probably have to "rebrand" months from now.

    2. I wonder if there's enough room in the Lie Detectors' box to add a dozen Winsanity tapes.

    3. Haha :) I believe the remaining unseen episodes of Winsanity will get seen on GSN in the near future unlike Lie Detectors. That's what is likely