Wednesday, October 5, 2016

GSN Ratings 9/30: 'Hellevator' reruns score awful ratings

GSN Primetime Ratings for Friday, September 30th (All Times ET):
9:00pm Hellevator (rerun): 150,000 total viewers/56,000 18-49 viewers
10:00pm Hellevator (rerun): 79,000 total viewers/37,000 18-49 viewers
11:00pm Hellevator (rerun): 96,000 total viewers/34,000 18-49 viewers

Normal GSN primetime averages would be around 400,000 total viewers and 100,000 18-49 viewers. The above Hellevator averages are well below average, hence why GSN had one of its poorest weeks last week in the primetime/total day average rating in a long time.

These were all episodes from Season 1 (last Fall). The performance for all three episodes was very poor (and declining). The above ratings do not flip my prediction that Hellevator, after its four new episodes this month, will end up getting renewed for a third season.

I honestly forgot this Hellevator marathon aired and I am not completely sure if it was even well advertised. All the focus is on the premiere this Friday, which could end up performing very well with all the promos surrounding the premiere. In addition, Hellevator had not aired on the GSN schedule since December. The Hellevator audience is not the GSN audience. It will take time for the Hellevator audience to realize the series is back on GSN.


  1. "The Hellevator audience is not the GSN audience. It will take time for the Hellevator audience to realize the series is back on GSN."

    How exactly is Hellevator's audience going to realize the show is on GSN, if they don't watch GSN in the first place? The second season has generated very little buzz outside the promos on GSN, which apparently the Hellevator audience will never see.

    The new season only runs for four weeks. Hellevator obviously has no rerun value, as these truly godawful numbers indicate. If the Hellevator audience doesn't somehow catch on real quick (through osmosis?) that the show is back, they'll never see it at all.

    1. The audience is well aware of Hellevator through the social network feeds, especially the Soska sisters (which they have a good number of die-hards which only watch GSN when Hellevator airs).

      If Hellevator does crash in its second season, I blame the move from Wednesday to lower-watched Friday night.

    2. I agree with Casey (I can't believe I just said that) in this case. If this is what GSN is focusing on, then they are doomed in the long term. It won't be long before the entire schedule is Harvey 24/7.

    3. I agree that GSN's current #2 focus being Hellevator and #1 with Window Warriors is not good for the long term. Hellevator is only marketable in October, as we have seen, while Window Warriors is likely not marketable at all (yet-to-be-seen).

      Long-term rerun use for GSN originals now is Idiotest.

      I just believe that besides last Friday's numbers, Hellevator will be renewed (but only with limited success only in October in the long-term).

    4. Estate of Panic or Total Blackout would've been a much more appropriate companion to Hellevator than Scare Tactics.

      But then again, I guess both of them would be too *ahem* "expensive" for the numbskulls at GSN to acquire.