Saturday, October 1, 2016

GameShowNetworkNews receives most-viewed month ever

Thank you all! GameShowNetworkNews receives most viewed, most visited month in September 2016!

During September 2016 (September 1-30, 2016), GameShowNetworkNews received 40,811 pageviews. This is a 10% pageview increase from our prior most-viewed month, August 2015, by 10% (from 37,041 pageviews).

From a year ago, September 2015, GameShowNetworkNews is up 42% in pageviews (from 28,762 pageviews). Since our launch in February 2013, GameShowNetworkNews continues an upward climb in pageviews month-to-month and year-to-year.

Our Twitter page has also been performing very well in followers, now up to over 5,400 followers (a gain of over 400 since August 15, 2016).

In September 2016, the most popular GameShowNetworkNews articles include news surrounding Hellevator, which premieres this Friday (October 7th) on GSN and Hellevator casting.


  1. You know most of these are just Rahner clicking the "refresh" button, or setting up an auto-refresh as he sits in his chair, bobbing up and down and squealing