Thursday, September 15, 2016

NEW tonight on GSN: 'Winsanity'

NEW tonight on GSN at 9pm ET: Winsanity hosted by Donald Faison (on-air announcer Kira Soltanovich). Watch as contestants stack the facts to win prizes for he/she and the audience. Play along at home at, where you can win thousands of dollars in prizes and/or a car!


  1. After Window Warriors finishes airing (and fails miserably, but that's besides the point), without new episodes of Winsanity, GSN would only have Family Feud's new lease to carry them into the new season of Idiotest or Divided in the spring.

    This explains the cutback to 1 Winsanity episode per week. It's to extend the run of new episodes for several more months, specifically to bring the end of Winsanity's run closer to the premiere of another GSN original.

    Which sucks... because it means GSN's lack of original content, and lack of acquiring content, is starting to result in month-long dry spells between series, something which never really happened in past.

    1. The cutback to one episode of Winsanity was due to poor ratings lowering GSN averages (the primary reason), not necessarily to extend the season. The one-a-week new episode of Winsanity streak should end around late December/early January if there are no breaks.

      If GSN did want to do what you are suggesting, they would have put Winsanity on hiatus about a month ago and air about 20 new episodes later on between the time Window Warriors ends and whenever new Idiotest comes back (and Divided arrives).

      You are right by saying that in January, February and March, there will be no new originals on the GSN schedule-Idiotest and Divided (if Divided actually is green-lit) probably not until April at earliest.