Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NEW tonight on GSN: 'Idiotest' (3 weeks remain)

Host Ben Gleib explains to a contestant
she should not swear on national television.
but that is what the holidays are like
at his house.
Tonight on GSN, there is a "holiday mash up" themed episode of Idiotest. This episode will air NEW tonight at 10pm ET on GSN. Click here for a GSNVideos preview.

This will be the third-to-last week of new episodes for Idiotest. Only two episodes remain after tonight's new episode.


  1. Funny. While watching Baggage late Sunday night, I saw something for the casting of Idiotest and it also said they were casting for a "fun new game show". I just hope it's not something that mostly focuses on the comedic aspect more than the game itself, like Mind Of A Man.

    Speaking of Mind Of A Man, Deray Davis will host the VH1 revival of Hip Hop Squares. I wish for an actual Hollywood Squares revival soon, but hey. At least Davis is still finding work. But I still suspect this "fun new game show" GSN is casting for is something along the lines of Mind Of A Man or Baggage. Now that I think about it, it may be Divided. It was the only premise I liked and I thought would have worked well with The Chase.

    Also, even though I know the show is already renewed, I hope Idiotest puts up decent numbers the next three weeks. When is GSN ever gonna learn that Harvey Feud works well leading into an original rather than reruns of the original airing into the new episode.

    1. The "fun new game show" is probably Divided. That's the only project that GSN is actively casting for besides Idiotest and Breaking App.

      I'll see if anything else pops up soon, but GSN wants to get Divided going sooner than later.

    2. Hard to believe it's been 2 years since Idiotest has been on GSN. I think this is the only good show GSN has right now. Maybe Winsanity too, but that looks like it's heading out the door. I noticed now by November, Window Warriors will be the only GSN original airing new episodes. Idiotest won't be back until most likely spring 2017, Skin Wars probably not until next summer unless they work out reasonable deals for the host and panel, and no renewal yet for Fresh Paint either.

      If I were GSN, I would have kept Chase and Chain Reaction around. Because both shows had relatively great numbers and performed above their usual primetime average. It would have gave Idiotest better numbers if they kept Chase paired with that.

    3. "I noticed now by November, Window Warriors will be the only GSN original airing new episodes."

      At this rate, Winsanity will still be new unless it gets pulled for bad ratings.