Friday, September 2, 2016

GSN makes smart moves, sometimes

While yesterday I lashed out a "Tweetstorm" (Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3, Exhibit 4) against GSN's move to keep an hour of Idiotest reruns on Tuesday nights with proven bad ratings (Exhibit 5, Exhibit 6, Exhibit 7) leading in to the 10pm new episode. Sitting here Friday midday, after three weeks of bad results in both 18-49 and total viewers, I am surprised GSN has not reversed this change.

Two smart scheduling decisions GSN made involving "New to GSN" episodes of Family Feud and new episodes of Hellevator. If we are talking Hellevator, it is a "smart" move and not "very smart" or "brilliant", because The Chase and/or Chain Reaction should have seen additional seasons in 2016 over (or along with) Hellevator. Mark Labbett agreed with this as recent as yesterday.

"New to GSN" episodes of Family Feud (Harvey's fifth season) will arrive on GSN Monday, October 3rd and will play each weeknight at 8pm and 8:30pm ET. This is great because it starts primetime out the smart way.

Next, Hellevator premieres on a Friday night. I do have my doubts, but with light competition and what should be a very strong lead-in, Hellevator could deliver. Placing Hellevator directly after Family Feud is beneficial enough, but these "New to GSN" episodes, which I am sure will be advertised, will raise ratings in the 8pm hour.

Additionally, no matter which night, I do think Hellevator will perform better an hour later than last season. The 9pm timeslot will benefit Hellevator more than hurt Hellevator.

A smart move GSN made this week was renewing Idiotest. I did fear, with not-so-fantastic numbers for Winsanity, a declining Skin Wars: Fresh Paint over the course of the season and a declining Skin Wars year-to-year, GSN was going to do an original programming overhaul or even go through with the name change in 2017 (in other words, I feared GSN would not renew Idiotest, Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and make some drastic changes).


  1. I personally am thrilled with the renewing of Idiotest. It helps nurture one's logic and having fun at the same time. Yes, it's an educational show. So were a lot of defunct GSN games. One learns without realizing they're learning. It's a win for all.

    Not thrilled with Hellevator or Skin Wars. To me they are not "game shows." As the saying goes, can't please everyone.

    1. Just letting you know, the Hellevator and Skin Wars people/viewers/fanatics are the same people generally turned off by Idiotest (and definitely turned off by The Chase).

    2. Melanie St. Penis: Disagree. Idiotest might be fun if it had a better host, but with the smarmy, annoying, lispy, know-it-all they have now, it'll never be enjoyable.

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  2. There is NO planned rebranding of GSN.