Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Updated GSN schedule for August 8-14: 'Winsanity' slots heavily reduced

GSN has released an updated advanced schedule for this week. GSN has removed five currently existing Winsanity reruns from the schedule, including the two from Saturday primetime that had previously been adjusted. Two Winsanity reruns have been added to Saturday latenight:

August 8-14 (updated)

*Deal or No Deal will air Thursday at 4pm; replacing Winsanity reruns.
*Two separate 1-hour Deal or No Deal episodes will air Saturday at 9am and 10am; replacing a 90-minute Deal or No Deal episode originally scheduled and Harvey Feud (10:30am).
*The Newlywed Game will air Saturdays at 1pm and 1:30pm; replacing Winsanity
*In Saturday primetime, Family Feud will air at 8pm and 9pm; replacing Winsanity. This change and the above change means Family Feud will air straight from 2pm-10pm on Saturdays
*In Saturday latenight, Chain Reaction (Catherwood) will air at 1am and 2am. Winsanity will air at 1:30am and 2:30am; all replacing Baggage
*On Sunday, Winsanity will air at 12pm and 12:30pm; replacing Family Feud
*On Sunday, Family Feud will air at 1pm and 1:30pm; replacing Winsanity
*In Sunday latenight, Baggage will air at 12:30am; replacing Winsanity.

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  1. That isn't good news for Winsanity's future if most of its reruns were removed or moved to late night. Catherwood is back on the schedule even though it's at the late late hour. So now three hours of Sherriwed on Saturday mornings.

    1. The Saturday night reruns getting cut are the big OUCH for Winsanity. It was those which GSN tried to move around/save, sandwiching each of them between Family Feud.

    2. This makes Idiotest, which has had a resurgence in ratings the last few weeks look good for renewal. But I don't know why GSN would stick reruns at 9 pm leading into the new runs. Some cable networks like to air the previous episode of a show leading into a new one, so maybe that's what GSN is doing, but still not a smart move. That may have some people thinking the 9 pm episodes are the new episodes.

      The only time people will get to see Winsanity during the day is Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons. Not very good exposure and it shows that cancellation may be coming very close.

      If Winsanity gets canceled, that means Idiotest would be the only true game show left. Hopefully at next year's GSN upfronts, they come up with more actual game shows than reality.

      8 hours of Feud on Saturday? I don't think I could sit through even 2 hours. Also, ABC must be pleased with Pyramid rerun numbers because there was a rerun added on Thursday at 9 pm leading into the Match Game rerun.

      The rerun on Sunday had 3.4 million, which is pretty fine despite Olympic competition. I think it topped all non Olympic programming at 9 pm.

    3. "But I don't know why GSN would stick reruns at 9 pm leading into the new runs."

      It is not a smart idea. I do not agree with GSN's decision making here. Tuesdays at 9pm and 9:30pm leading into Idiotest should be Harvey Feud and only Harvey Feud.

      For Winsanity: Good point that Winsanity's only pre-11pm exposure is Thursday (9pm hour) and Sunday (12pm hour). Unless there is a big turnaround (highly unlikely), Winsanity will be mostly gone after new runs conclude in October (if the new runs stick around that long-they probably will).

      "8 hours of Feud on Saturday?"

      Yes, 8 STRAIGHT actually. 10 hours on Sunday (not straight).

    4. So 18 of the 24 hours of GSN's weekend schedule is Harvey Feud? Might as well call their weekend block Steve Saturdays and Sundays.

    5. The GSN weekend schedule is 38 hours of GSN programming. So 18 of 38 (almost half) is Harvey Feud.

  2. There Was Suppose to be Game Show Follies Today But It Hasn't Happened Today Come On Get Your Lazy Butts In gear Now.

    1. Dude. It's a schedule about game shows, and it's still a week away. Get off the computer. Enjoy life. Exercise. Go outside. They'll post the schedule as soon as it becomes available. Until then, get over it. (And stop capitalizing every single word in your sentences. It's annoying, and it's difficult to read.)

  3. When Will The August 22-28 GSN Schedule Come Hopefully Tomorrow.

  4. Well Finally It's There It is