Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Speculation: Where is the 'Skin Wars' renewal?

Five weeks ago today, the finale of Skin Wars aired. It makes one wonder, when will GSN (deservedly) renew this thing?

Last year, the Skin Wars renewal came one week after its season finale. In 2014, the Skin Wars renewal for Season 2 was officially announced the night of the Season 1 finale and published the next day.

What is the wait this year? It may not be on GSN's end. It is possible that on-air personalities (RuPaul, Robin, Craig, Rebeeca) are holding out for scheduling or financial reasons (more money!). There may also be a clause in contracts (particularly with Romijn and RuPaul) that Skin Wars may only air at one season a year (at least with them on board) due to their conflicting schedules. Think about it: If GSN could air two seasons of Skin Wars a calendar year, they would have by now. In the summer of 2016, we would probably be at season five or six of Skin Wars.

Once again, all speculation, but realistic scenarios.

There is also a strong possibility that GSN will set forth a two-in-one renewal: Skin Wars and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint at one time.

At this point, GSN is giving Skin Wars the same treatment that was given to The Chase, Chain Reaction and Hellevator last Fall and Winter (by waiting several months to make a decision publicly). We will see when the news is revealed for Skin Wars and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.


  1. This is similar to what they did to Bible Challenge after its second season concluded. I guess Foxworthy wanted extra money to keep doing the show or something like that. It didn't get a third season greenlight until August of 2013. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it took a couple of months for SW to get renewed.

    It was like with Celebrity Family Feud after its first season ended last year. It took until January to get a second season because Steve wanted extra $$$ to keep hosting it.

    1. Even though I'm definitely not a fan of Skin Wars, I feel like any time a celebrity demands more money, it's more along the lines of them not wanting to spend the time doing a show, as opposed to them actually needing the extra cash (after all, they're already rich as it is). It's almost like they're saying, "Well, I don't want to continue doing this because I've lost interest, or I don't have the time, but if you REALLY, REALLY want me to come back... I'll only do it if you give me this much more money."

    2. "I guess Foxworthy wanted extra money to keep doing the show or something like that."

      This is true after American Bible Challenge season 2 going in to Season 3.

      Adam, with Celebrity Family Feud, I do not believe it was money, because ABC has plenty of that. It was scheduling for filming. Harvey has a pretty heavy schedule and you also had the situation with ABC wanting Celebrity Family Feud to film in Los Angeles but Harvey always between Chicago and Atlanta.

    3. That's why I have always thought Feud should move to Chicago because that why Steve doesn't have to travel that much. Isn't Little Big Shots in LA?

    4. Without doing any research, I assume Little Big Shots is filmed in Los Angeles.

      I believe (but not sure) Family Feud stays in Atlanta because Harvey still does his radio show there and that is where he and his family lives. This is why Feud moved from Florida to Atlanta is 2011.

    5. Now that I think about it, Feud should stay in Georgia. And it works out for Steve because he tapes Feud in the late spring to most of the summer while Steve's talk show can be filmed throughout the year. I guess I was so used to regular Feud being in LA.

      Now with CFF returning next year, I wonder if Steve can get his family on there. I said once if Richard Dawson was still alive, he could bring his family to play the game.