Monday, August 8, 2016

Photo: Sneak peek of 'Window Warriors'

Window Warriors host Garcelle Beauvais posted a photo to Instagram which features models for the window design competition in the background. The models will be a centerpiece for the window design competition, similar to how the models are used on Skin Wars for bodypainting.

Window Warriors premieres in November on GSN.


  1. FOX has ordered a new game show from Mark Burnett called "Beat Shazam". I'm calling it now, it won't last beyond one season. I'm surprised they're still working with him, since his other show Coupled was just cancelled.

    Also, very bad decision by FOX to renew American Grit. The ratings were an absolute disaster, about as bad as Coupled. Bringing this back next year kind of shows you how desperate the network is. They couldn't come up with any other original ideas, that they had to renew one of their lowest-rated shows? Maybe FOX (Dana) should actually pay attention to what ABC has done with Sunday nights.

    1. Apparently, the reason AG was renewed for another season because the demo was "respectable". I liked the show, but even I thought after seeing the ratings that it was for sure a goner. I've heard about the new Shazam game show. I think it's another one and done for FOX, but if they renewed AG despite terrible ratings, who knows.

      Speaking of Sunday night game shows, the SFAG rerun block did okay. Celeb Feud has 3.6 million, Pyramid had 3.4 million, and Match Game had 2.6 million. Obviously the Olympics crushed everything in sight, but I wonder how the new runs will do when they return this Sunday night. Hopefully well.

      I'm surprised Fox is still greenlighting game shows despite 5th Grader and BOOM being huge flops last summer. At least they were better than what GSN currently has. I also noticed that Sports Jeopardy debuted on NBCSN Saturday night. It's actually a fun show and Dan Patrick is a pretty good host. I could see him replacing Alex on the regular Jeopardy once Alex leaves eventually. I'm sure some network is gonna try to duplicate the success of Sunday Fun And Games someday. I mean, a Password revival has been floating around for a while. Also, VH1 is bringing back Hip Hop Squares, the short lived MTV2 game show from 2012. Ice Cube is producer of this one. I think the last time VH1 had a game show was the Rock and Roll version of Jeopardy.

    2. Also, this might be sort of a complaint, but am I the only one tired of the constant sexual humor/questions on Feud? Yes I know the ratings have been great and that has been working for them, but it's really starting to ware thin now. I mean, how many times are we gonna see Steve give one of his "shocked" looks when a contestant gives a risque answer. I watched some Dawson and Combs episodes on YouTube as of late and when a contestant gave a WTF answer, they would joke about it, but find a classy way to do it. But with Steve, he has to drag it on and spend 5 minutes discussing the answer he or she said.

      Now I didn't mind this at first, but as the years went on, I just shook my head more than laughed. It's like really? A once classy game show is now referring to elementary like humor for ratings? Again, I know it works for them in ratings, but they really need to tone the content down. Also, the answers are really predictable now. Any time a question about a body part is asked, I think "Just say penis and get it over with." Once they say that, some really dumb thing like "Va Jay Jay" or "Schlong" will be up there. I don't hate the show as I still watch it at times, but the crude humor at this point is really annoying and more cringeworthy than funny.

  2. In conjunction of the description for the upcoming Window Warriors on GSN above this blog as a quote from famous country singer Shania Twain from her hit 1998 song "That Don't Impress Me Much!"