Thursday, August 18, 2016

New tonight on GSN: 'Winsanity'

Winsanity airs NEW tonight on GSN
at 9pm ET.
One new episode of Winsanity will air NEW tonight on GSN at 9pm ET. Donald Faison hosts. Kira Soltanovich serves as on-air announcer.

GSN has eliminated the 9:30pm new run of Winsanity. Instead, Family Feud will now air at 9:30pm and 12:30am, both replacing the second new Winsanity run. The 9pm new episode of Winsanity will encore at 12am and 3am (Chain Reaction will air at 3:30am). This all comes after poor Winsanity ratings through the series thus far, likely leading to cancellation.

Winsanity is halfway through its first season. Tonight is episode number 21 (of 40 taped).

You can play along live at home at, where contestants have won $58,000 in prizes, including two new cars!

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