Monday, August 22, 2016

Is GSN done with 'Skin Wars'?

Two months since the
Skin Wars finale,
GSN has still not
officially renewed the series
for a fourth season.
It is nearing two months since the season finale (June 29th). Recently, GSN pulled all episodes of Skin Wars from my cable provider's OnDemand list for GSN shows. Baggage, Family Feud (Harvey), Idiotest, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Winsanity remain.

So why no official announcement yet for Skin Wars Season 4?

My own conscious tells me GSN wants to renew Skin Wars and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint at once, possibly (and likely) with Idiotest too within the next month. What is likely occurring is GSN negotiations with RuPaul and/or Rebecca Romijn on scheduling and salary. 

It was around this time last year when GSN renewed Skin Wars (August 27th) by press release and an unofficial renewal for Idiotest (September 14th).


  1. I have never liked this show. I hope it's gone for good.

  2. Since you mentioned Winsanity on demand, there are only 2 episodes on there last time I checked. Not good and another sign for cancellation I'm thinking.

    1. Just look at the ratings and the cut back in rerun slots from June (and especially the Thursday 9:30pm slot). Winsanity was and still is a goner.

    2. I hope they're done with it. I'm sick and tired of seeing GSN promote a non-game show as one of the main reasons to watch their network. Unfortunately, GSN will most likely announce the renewal within the next month or two; they're just taking their sweet old time doing it.

      My Dish guide also says the same thing about $100k Pyramid having its Season Finale this Sunday. ABC did order 10 episodes, so it's a bit odd, because if true, this would mean that on Sept. 11, CFF and Match Game would both air new episodes, alongside a repeat of $100k Pyramid, for the final week of 'Sunday Fun and Games'. I'm thinking it's more likely an error on the guide, because otherwise it would've made more sense to just repeat $100k Pyramid this coming Sunday, then have all 3 of them airing their 'new' finales on the same night.

    3. Who knows. Maybe it isn't the finale. They usually show a peek of the next episode at the end of the current episode, so if they do, then it's definitely an error on their behalf.