Thursday, August 4, 2016

GSN schedule for August 15-21 released

GSN has released their schedule for the third week of August. This week, Mike Catherwood's version of Chain Reaction returns to the schedule in one solo slot and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint gets cutback. Additionally, GSN has added six more slots of Idiotest to the schedule which is a positive sign for renewal.

August 15-21 (new)

*Idiotest reruns will air Tuesday at 9pm and 9:30pm; replacing Family Feud.
*Family Feud will air Wednesday latenight at 12am and 12:30am; replacing Skin Wars: Fresh Paint
*Chain Reaction (Catherwood) will air Thursday at 4:30pm; replacing Winsanity
*Winsanity will continue to air NEW on Thursdays (8/18 and also 8/11) at 9pm and 9:30pm during the Olympics (Idiotest goes on hiatus until August 23rd).
*Idiotest will air Saturday latenight at 12am and 12:30am and also Sunday at 4pm and 4:30pm; both hours replacing Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

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  1. I don't think it's wise to air new Winsanity during the Olympics, but since the ratings are pretty bad, GSN must want to burn them off.

    Idiotest I think will be back for a 4th season. The show has put up good numbers the last three weeks and its average is up from last season. And with it hitting highs in the 18-49 demo this past Tuesday, GSN has to be happy. The question is IF Idiotest does return, will they order the standard 40 or try another 65 episode season. It's their cheapest show. I don't mind Catherwood CR returning, but why only one slot? They could have just put DOND back at 4 pm or for Catherwood, maybe have a Lane/Catherwood CR hour starting that week. It would mix up things a bit.

    1. With Winsanity: Exactly. I think GSN may just want to get the 40 episodes over with instead of having Winsanity hang around well in to the Fall and Winter. Winsanity should wrap up in October.

      The Idiotest 2-week hiatus points to GSN wanting to improve Idiotest's ratings average by not putting it against the Olympics.

      "The question is IF Idiotest does return, will they order the standard 40 or try another 65 episode season."

      I definitely think 40. Keep in mind, besides the past three weeks, Idiotest numbers have not been the best and most weeks, borderline cancellation.

      "I don't mind Catherwood CR returning, but why only one slot?"

      The reasoning for this is Winsanity not performing well in its Thursday afternoon double run but GSN still wants a solo slot for Winsanity to get exposure after a good lead-in (Chain Reaction). So they just cut the 4:30pm Winsanity rerun.

    2. I see. I wonder at some point in 2017 or later if Idiotest will get a weekday spot. I mean the show will have 145 episodes after the third season concludes and at this point, it would be way better than the worn out 2012 Pyramid episodes. Something new and fresh. I think Winsanity reruns on Thursday afternoons might be gone before the fall. Winsanity is like Mind Of A Man in a way. Had a decent opening week, then wasn't able to keep the momentum all season long. GSN didn't give a hiatus to Mind Of A Man during its first and only season so I highly doubt they will do the same to Winsanity. I did think MOAM would be on a two or three week break once the Winter Olympics started that February.

      With all the ABC summer reboots coming back next summer, it makes me wonder if other networks are gonna get on the game show revival train to compete with them. Interesting that 500 Questions wasn't mentioned in the discussion. Not a good sign for the show's future.

    3. "I wonder at some point in 2017 or later if Idiotest will get a weekday spot."

      I see Idiotest being left in primetime and latenights, rather taking over for worn out The Newlywed Game and Baggage reruns in the coming years rather than The Pyramid. I see Winsanity moving to daytime before Idiotest.

      As for "other networks", CBS should re-do Million Dollar Password.

      In my last comment (above) at 5:01pm, I made an error. In the daytime schedule on Thursday, The Pyramid leads in to Winsanity at 4pm, not Chain Reaction. I am so used to Chain Reaction airing at 3pm and 3:30pm weekdays forever.

    4. With CBS' recent scripted summer dramas bombing, there's a possibility.

    5. Adam: From above, I think another reason GSN may not put Winsanity in hiatus has to do with the play along game. I believe it is scheduled to run a certain number of days.

    6. By certain number of days, I mean a set of Thursdays through June, July, August, September, October. Cannot do a hiatus because that would interrupt the feature.