Friday, August 19, 2016

GSN Ratings 8/18: Not good for 'Winsanity' solo run

GSN Primetime Ratings for Thursday, August 18th (All Times ET):
9:00pm Winsanity (new): 233,000 total viewers/0.04 18-49 (about 45,000 18-49 viewers); up 13% in total viewers from last week


  1. In the immortal words of Bill Murray..."This Show is TOAST!!"

  2. According to Programming Insider, Sunday Fun And Games held its own against the Closing Ceremony on NBC. These are the overnights.

    8 to 9 pm: Celebrity Feud: 3.9
    9 to 10 pm: Pyramid: 3.3
    10 to 11 pm: Match Game: 2.9

    Solid numbers and I would think all three shows will get better ratings now with the Olympics over and done with.

    For some reason, my DirecTv guide is saying that this upcoming Sunday's $100,000 Pyramid is the season finale. I thought they ordered 10 episodes. Was there one episode that had such bad gameplay that they don't want to show it? I hope this is an error, because that is very strange.

    Also, I found out that Sunday Fun And Games will be taking September 4th off due to a college football contest between Notre Dame and Texas. I think it's also because of the Labor Day holiday. So that means the block will conclude on September 11th.

  3. Since it's got the green light for the second go-around, I wonder if Anthony Anderson's TTTT will be part of the Sunday Fun & Games block in the Summer of 2017?

    1. I have pondered that, but the 3 hours of Celebrity Family Feud, $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game ABC has now seems to work just fine.

      The only thought is if either To Tell the Truth airs Sunday at 7pm before Celebrity Family Feud, or splits an hour with Match Game. Both new options are doubtful IMO.

    2. I though of that hour (7pm) as well but since that Anderson's Truth is the least talked about remake this Summer on ABC it comes as no surprise.

      This version itself still looked like a disjointed mess as much as the O'Hurley version from 2000 and I still think the "Tweet a Lie" gimmick should be considered the most useless addition for the franchise and of course the only thing they did correct is hiring Betty White as a returning panelists but I'm afraid she'll just turns out as a "decoy" for the old-school fans of the previous incarnations of TTTT. Pretty sad if you think about it of course.

    3. Personally I think they should replace MG with TTTT and let Alec twist in the wind

    4. Can you be more specific The Original Donald?