Friday, August 12, 2016

GSN: Play Different

GSN uploaded three new videos to their YouTube channel today. One that I found interesting is titled "Play Different", which only features Family Feud. A bit interesting that GSN has to advertise Family Feud (or going out of their way to do it). It is a good, well-edited and well-scripted advertisement. The slogan "Play Different" caught my eye. A new slogan?

Two other YouTube uploads today involved Idiotest (returning August 23rd) and "Summer of Games" (featuring Skin Wars, Idiotest, Winsanity and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint with equal time). These have aired on the network for some time now. Be on the lookout for advertisements that may exclude likely-cancelled Winsanitylike how GSN treated other originals last year.


  1. My slogan would be GSN: Feuding 24/7.

  2. Bob Barker reminding GSN to help control the Feud population: have your Harvey spayed or neutered Goodbye, everybody!