Thursday, August 25, 2016

GSN casting for trivia game show (likely 'Divided')

GSN is currently casting for a new game show. The new casting call is linked here. The casting call is posted on their casting page (which replaced the "expired" square for The Chase).

GSN does not have a title for this project but is very likely for a game show called Divided. Divided was originally based in the UK in 2009-10. In the March upfronts (and before), Divided was listed as an "In Development" project. GameShowNetworkNews reported in June that Divided (along with Breaking App) had been put on top of GSN's priorities for upcoming original development.

The casting call talks about trivia, which is what Divided consists of instead of stunts, puzzles or naked models. The stand out from the casting call is the statement "Can you convince anyone to agree with you?", which is what is unique about Divided.

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