Monday, August 1, 2016

GameShowNetworkNews has second-most viewed month ever in July 2016

July 2016 was the second most-viewed month ever for GameShowNetworkNews in pageviews. From July 1st to 31st, GameShowNetworkNews received 36,106 pageviews, only second to August 2015, which received 37,041 pageviews. GameShowNetworkNews site traffic in July 2016 was driven by Idiotest and Winsanity. This all comes fresh off a hot June in pageviews.

GameShowNetworkNews pageviews in July 2016 are up 29% year-to-year from July 2015 (which received 27,978 pageviews).

The three most-viewed articles in July 2016 involved the nude episode of Idiotest (which aired in reruns on GSN, which caused increased site traffic), the press release (popular on Thursdays when Winsanity airs new) and a GSN/Buzzr pre-1990's comparison article. Note that the two most viewed articles for July were actually published at GameShowNetworkNews in June.

GameShowNetworkNews is on track to its most-viewed year ever. Pageviews for the first seven months of 2016 (208,800 pageviews) are up 39.1% from the first seven months of 2015 (150,082 pageviews).

Thank you all!

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