Thursday, August 4, 2016

ABC renews four game shows

Great news if you are a fan of Celebrity Family Feud, Match Game, The $100,000 Pyramid and/or To Tell the Truth on ABC. All four game shows will continue in the summer of 2017 (so no mid-season cycles or daytime runs like speculated):

Here are the ratings averages from ABC:
1) Celebrity Family Feud: 1.5 18-49; 7.41 million viewers
2) The $100,000 Pyramid: 1.4 18-49; 7.03 million viewers
3) Match Game: 1.2 18-49; 5.76 million viewers
4) To Tell the Truth: 1.0 18-49; 4.7 million viewers

Last, I will say it is a bit interesting that the hosts (Harvey, Strahan, Baldwin and Anderson) were not mentioned from ABC earlier today. Will they all return for the 2017 season of their respective shows?


  1. If the new "$100,000 Pyramid" were to return with a different host, it might be a better program without ridiculous attempts at humor or dirty language used on purpose. If not, I would continue to avoid it after it failed to be prove itself worthy of my time after I decided to give it two more chances to do so (I did not like the first edition to be broadcast before giving it another chance during the premieres of the last two new editions).

    1. Oh, get over yourself. It's not 1982 anymore. What worked back then doesn't work now. It has to keep the audience's attention or it won't stay on the air. Go back to your video games.

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  2. Even though I have no interest in watching any of these current revivals of hese series, I think that the "Tweet a Lie" thing on Truth is really a dumb and useless addition in the 2016 revival. but that my opinion.

    Seriously what's the deal with Fremantle riding on the Social Media train?