Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint' NEW tonight on GSN with brilliant, perfectly-timed episode: All three winners compete

Hot off last week's Season 3 Skin Wars finale with Rick Uribe crowned champion, all three Skin Wars winners compete as mentors on tonight's Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint airs NEW tonight in a new, earlier timeslot at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Natalie Fletcher, the Season 1 winner, and Lana Chromium, the Season 2 winner, will face the most recent winner, Rick Uribe. Each will have two artists (total of six) who are new to the body-painting world. Later in the episode, six will be narrowed to three, and then two and finally, one of those two will win the Fresh Paint's $10,000 prize.

This is a genius idea for multiple reasons. First, it adds excitement to the Skin Wars crowd fresh off the finale. Of course, Skin Wars itself is more popular than its own spinoff, as Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will need some help the next five episodes.

It should benefit ratings that this episode was not saved until the end, rather fresh off the finale where Rick was crowned.

It will be great to see which Skin Wars winner is champion. I will be watching, GSN! A perfect week for a good themed episode! Great scheduling!


  1. Non GSN related, but Family Feud topped households for the fourth week in a row. The show averaged a 7.1 the week of June 20th to June 26th. Wheel had a 5.9 and Jeopardy! had a 5.7.

    Also, the Sunday ratings came on today and Sunday Fun And Games dropped big because of the holiday. Celeb Feud had 6.2 million, Pyramid had 6.5 million, and Match Game had 5.6 million. Once again, Strahan topped all.

    1. Those are still good numbers for a holiday weekend. To be honest, I thought all three ABC shows were going to perform poorer than that because of the night-before-the-4th reason. I expect to see a tick up this Sunday.

      Nice to see The $100,000 Pyramid at #1. I like Celebrity Family Feud, but I am a bit surprised that Harvey is not #1.

    2. Maybe people like Pyramid better than Feud. I think all 3 shows will be back at its regular pace. One interesting thing about Celeb Feud is that while Big Brother topped in the demo, FF crushed them in viewers (6.2 mil vs 4.7 mil). Pyramid was the most watched show on the night. This show definitely has a bright future on ABC.