Monday, July 4, 2016

'Skin Wars' everywhere

Season 1 Skin Wars winner Natalie Fletcher
and finalist Dutch Bihary will play Idiotest
tomorrow night (7/5) at 10pm ET/7pm PT on GSN.
Season 2 Skin Wars contestants Rio Sirah
and Aryn Fox will compete against Natalie
and Dutch.
On GSN tomorrow (Tuesday, July 5th, 10pm ET), Idiotest will feature previous Skin Wars contestants. Season 1 contestants Dutch Bihary (3rd place) and Natalie Fletcher (Winner) compete against Season 2 contestants Rio Sirah (5th place) and Aryn Fox (3rd place).

Of course, the real spin on this is a crossover with Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, since Natalie, Dutch, Aryn and Rio serve as mentors in at least one episode on Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.

Think about it: Tomorrow's 30-minute episode of Idiotest is actually just a long promotion for Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.

The Skin Wars numbers are positive and GSN handles the series as their number one priority. Just look at the ratings, where Skin Wars had its highest rated season finale ever last week and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint was one of GSN's highest rated premieres ever. GSN and Idiotest producers figure former Skin Wars contestants who are now Skin Wars: Fresh Paint mentors are marketable on GSN's 2nd best franchise at the moment (which is, obviously, Idiotest).

We will find out tomorrow if body painters can solve Idiotest puzzles. We know for sure the other way around does not work (98% of all Idiotest contestants and Ben Gleib cannot body paint very well!)

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