Monday, July 18, 2016

Ratings summary from June 28-July 13

Yesterday, there was a long ratings analysis for numbers received on Sunday for all new airings of Idiotest, Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Winsanity between June 28th and July 13th plus surrounding episodes of Family Feud. Here are the highlights:

Tuesday, June 28th: Idiotest may have seen its better ratings in the past, but the show still skews young. Just look at the approximate median viewer age for the four episodes of Family Feud and then the two new episodes of Idiotest: 71-70-66-67-53-53. The good news for Idiotest on this day is that the 10:30pm new run rose in 18-49 (+11%) and total viewers (+9%) from the 10pm episode.

Wednesday, June 29th: The third season of Skin Wars has averaged 515,000 total viewers and 174,000 18-49 viewers. This is a 10% decrease in total viewers and a 17% decrease in 18-49 viewers from Season 2 (which averaged 572K total and 210K 18-49). The percentage of viewers under 50 years of age for the third season of Skin Wars, averaging all ten episodes, is 33.8%, with an approximate median viewer age around 52. These are very positive numbers for GSN.

The median viewer age published by GSN for Skin Wars Season 2 was 48.

The Season 3 finale is up 1% in total viewers and down 18% in 18-49 viewers from the Season 2 finale on August 19, 2015 (which received 577K total and 227K 18-49)..

Last, Skin Wars and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint skewed about ten years younger than lead-in Family Feud.

Thursday, June 30th: Winsanity skewed as young as Hellevator. A median viewer age of approximately 47 and 42. If that continues, it's renewal time.

Tuesday, July 5th: Nothing too interesting besides the fact that Harvey Feud skewed very old for primetime, with 4 out of 5 viewers 50 years of age or older for the 9pm and 9:30pm episodes.

Wednesday, July 6th: Skin Wars: Fresh Paint was younger-skewing than all surrounding episodes of Family Feud, then once Skin Wars: Fresh Paint went away, so did a lot of the younger viewers. Family Feud at 10pm and 10:30pm skewed about ten years older than Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. This could help Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, pushing renewal from 'likely' to 'likelier'.

Thursday, July 7th: Winsanity skews young again, down near where Hellevator was, but just with a big drop from lead-in Family Feud (38% drop in total viewers; 17% in 18-49 viewers).

Tuesday, July 12th: The only good news for Idiotest is that the two new episodes skewed young, with the median viewer age around 53, but that's it. Idiotest dropped by a lot from lead-in Family Feud in total viewers (-32%) but only a little in 18-49 viewers (-3%). This is typical for Idiotest to hold on to the younger viewers from Feud.

Wednesday, July 13th: Series low in 18-49 and total viewers for Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.


  1. Winsanity is a lot like Hellevator. Skews really young, but bad viewer numbers. The show lately has had more younger viewers than Idiotest. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if both shows were renewed because what else can GSN kill an hour with besides Harvey Feud?

    Is Feud really an old skewing show? Because in syndication, it's been slamming Wheel and Jeopardy in that category.

    1. From the latest numbers, Family Feud has been skewing old for some runs on GSN, sometimes up to 70 or 71 years of age but other times as low as 53 years old, which GSN must be happier about.

      GSN skews old in general, so it is no surprise that some episodes of Harvey Feud skew older too.

  2. Here is an even shorter summary of that analysis: Most everything on GSN these days just sucks, especially the originals.