Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New tonight on GSN: 'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint' mentors take over 'Idiotest'

New tonight on GSN (7/5): Four Skin Wars: Fresh Paint mentors will compete on a NEW episode of Idiotest at 10pm ET/7pm PT. Season 1 winner Natalie Fletcher and Season 1 finalist Dutch Bihary will compete against Season 2 contestants Aryn Fox and Rio Sirah. All four of these former Skin Wars contestants will compete as mentors on Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and are playing for charity tonight. There will be a second NEW episode of Idiotest tonight at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT. Ben Gleib hosts.

Read yesterday's GameShowNetworkNews article on how much GSN cares about the Skin Wars franchise.


  1. I can only hope no one gets naked in this episode. We already had one of those.

    1. Only if they look like the guys in the previous naked episode. Certainly don't want to see Ben Gleeb naked. *Gag*

    2. I agree. Ben should keep his clothes on.