Saturday, July 16, 2016

New GSN schedule for July 25-31: 'Winsanity' remains in same timeslot Thursday nights

Despite some of our own speculation on Winsanity getting a hiatus following more poor ratings, Winsanity remains new Thursday nights at its usual timeslot:

July 25-31 (new)

*The Newlywed Game returns to timeslots previously held Tuesday latenight at 3am and 3:30am plus Sunday latenight at 2am and 2:30am. These timeslots are Baggage for the week of July 18-24 only.

All Times ET


  1. Because I work Sunday nights I get to watch the repeats during the week. The one revival I'm not thrilled with is Match Game. Could have better celebrities (one in particular who spoils it for me) and known ones. They try to push the buttons but the only buttons they push on me is the off button. The other revivals are more entertaining.

    1. Couldn't disagree more. Bye! Match Game will not miss you.