Monday, July 11, 2016

More about 'Hellevator' Season 2 changes: Final challenge (Labyrinth) completely different

Hellevator Season 2 premieres
this October on GSN.
Last Fall, Hellevator started out hot in the ratings for the first two episodes, which aired October 21st and 28th (Note: Before Halloween) and then crashed in ratings in November and December (Note: After Halloween). GSN figured Hellevator still put up good, young-skewing numbers for a second season renewal. It appears this year, GSN will learn their lesson by airing all Hellevator Season 2 episodes in October and ordering only four episodes (down from eight in Season 1).

A few changes coming to this season of Hellevator are less scare actors. No surprise, considering the budget has been cut per episode by GSN. Hellevator is filming in the same location as last season. In other words, no cut back in studio space like some shows have under budget cuts.

GameShowNetworkNews has also been told Hellevator Season 2 has completed filming. Multiple sources throughout the internet confirm this (here is another).

The end game to Hellevator, known as the "Labyrinth" in Season 1, is also done differently for Season 2. No exact details are publicly known, but GameShowNetworkNews has been told the ending to Hellevator this season is completely different. The only confirmed detail for this season's Hellevator endgame is contestants on the team get to choose if they want to go through the final challenge as a team or individually for the grand prize.

Last season's grand prize was $50,000, with $5,000 earned after successful completion of the first round, $10,000 earned after round 2, $15,000 earned after round 3 and $20,000 after the Labyrinth. This is likely different for Season 2.

To confirm Hellevator Season 2 changes, there is a high chance, like last year, GameShowNetworkNews will get to preview an episode of Hellevator one month in advance. We always thank GSN for providing us this opportunity like they have for many other shows (Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, Idiotest, Winsanity) over the past year.


  1. Non related, but Sunday Fun And Games improved big from last week.

    Celebrity Feud- 7.3 mil, 1.5
    $100,000 Pyramid- 7.0 mil, 1.5
    Match Game- 5.6 mil, 1.2

    Great numbers and this time, Steve was top rated. These shows look definitely renewable. At least I hope they do.

    1. No doubt even the match game rerun earlier in the week did well in ratings as well I expect all 3 to be back next season & I gotta say Snoop Dogg's episode of Celebrity Family Feud was by far the funniest episode I've watched in quite some time

    2. FANTASTIC numbers for all three game shows last night on ABC. The question now is: "How long until renewal?"

    3. Also, ABC did come in second place. NBC's coverage of the Olympic Trials won the night.

    4. Don't forget! Tomorrow night (Tuesday July 12) is the SEASON FINALE of To Tell The Truth. Looks like repeats of Feud (2-01) and $100,000 Pyramid (1-01) lead into the To Tell The Truth finale.

      Smart decision considering the Sunday ratings, but I really hope ABC doesn't go overkill with running these game shows into the ground, like what they did to Millionaire 16 years ago.

      Also, Moonves is probably rolling his eyes at all this. If he were smart, he'd work on getting some game shows into CBS primetime to compete against ABC (other than the very small order of 3 Price episodes that aired a few months ago). Unfortunately, he's probably taking the attitude of, "Oh, so ABC's game shows are successful? Well, it's just a fad and it won't last, so we have nothing to worry about on our end."

    5. TTTT is ending already? Jeez that was quick. Then again, they only ordered six episodes. For the game repeats, they have NeNe on Celebrity Feud and Anderson on Pyramid. I think they did that because both are on Truth and ABC hopes the reruns do strong and give the finale respectable numbers. Although I'm worried about its future. If they canceled Uncle Buck after one season despite modest numbers, then the same thing might happen with that show. Then again like Buck, ABC waited a whole year to air the show.

      If the Sunday Fun And Games block is successful like it is now, then other networks will hop on the revival train. NBC could revive Deal Or No Deal or 1 vs 100 if they wanted to. They do have The Wall coming, if they ever decide to air that. CBS could reboot Press Your Luck or Card Sharks or heck, maybe a Price MDS for old times sake.

      I noticed that NBC is airing Hollywood Game Night reruns at 8 pm beginning Sunday. I guess they need a timefiller before Olympic coverage begins.

    6. "Don't forget! Tomorrow night (Tuesday July 12) is the SEASON FINALE of To Tell The Truth."

      Questionable for renewal. TTTT would have a lot more attention if it aired alongside the Sunday Night shows in one way or another.

      "NBC could revive Deal Or No Deal or 1 vs 100 if they wanted to."

      I do not think they are going to. Deal or No Deal rights are apparently very expensive. 1 vs. 100 is slightly possible to be revived again somewhere, someday.

    7. aren't both DOND and 1 vs. 100 are owned by Endemol?

  2. Off Topic I know, but their was already a short-lived sitcom called Uncle Buck before this version that ran on CBS from 1990 until 1991 with comedian Kevin Meaney playing the title character.

    as for Truth, I figured that poor Betty White would act as a "decoy" for Nostalgic fans of the original series like Kitty Carlisle did in the two-season only Syndicated version from 2000.