Thursday, July 28, 2016

GSN Games layoffs

I rarely touch on GSN Games much. I have never had any business, insight or even much knowledge with what goes on at that branch at GSN. GSN Games is a large branch for GSN than the television network altogether and the past several years, it has been their cash cow more than the television network.

GSN Games is laying off a few staff. The statement from the GSN Games COO basically states that the company is making organization changes which they believe will accelerate growth. It seems like an odd move, considering GSN Games has grown a lot the past number of years to my memory:

"At GSN Games, we regularly examine our organizational structure to ensure that resources align with current and future business needs. Ultimately, it's about making sure we have the right teams in place to deliver world-class experiences for our players. Over the past few years, we have dramatically grown the size of our organization, both organically and through acquisition, and we have seized opportunities to capture market share and increase the value of the company.
With that context, we have decided to make some organizational changes to rebalance the structure of select teams in order to accelerate our ambitious growth plans. This involves a small reduction in force that primarily impacts social casino studios working on established live games, as well as some individuals working on cross-functional teams.
While this decision unfortunately means that we will have to say goodbye to talented people who have played an important role in our success, we believe these changes are necessary to support our long-term goals. We're providing outplacement support to help those impacted by this change. I would like to thank them for their contributions and wish them the best in future endeavors."

A notable name (apparently) gone from GSN Games is Steve Meretzky. I have never heard of this person before (to reiterate, I almost never pay attention to GSN Games), but apparently Meretzky is a big name in digital gaming going back to the 1980's. Meretzky says he is leaving GSN Games because he had issues of conflict over the years with not getting GSN to agree with the types of systems he thought would have improved the company.

To me, it sounds like some inside politics at GSN Games.


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