Friday, July 1, 2016

GameShowNetworkNews reaches ten-month pageview high in June; most-visited day ever on June 14th

Thank you everyone!

In June 2016, GameShowNetworkNews had its second highest viewed month ever with 32,994 views. Over thirty days in June, GameShowNetworkNews averaged 1,100 pageviews a day. Reasons for an above average amount of site traffic include the June 14th episode of Idiotest featuring nude contestants and the Winsanity premiere.

The highest viewed day ever for GameShowNetworkNews since our February 2013 launch came on June 14th with 2,531 pageviews. This was the date the nude episode of Idiotest aired and pageviews peaked around the time Idiotest aired (10pm ET) and later encore (1am ET).

On June 25th, GameShowNetworkNews received an above average 1,990 pageviews. On this day, the nude episode of Idiotest reran (Saturday at 10pm ET).

On June 9th, for the premiere of Winsanity, GameShowNetworkNews received an above average 1,821 pageviews which peaked around the premiere (9pm ET).

In June 2016, the two most-viewed GameShowNetworkNews articles included "Naked and nude Idiotest: Thoughts?" and an article about an Idiotest Season 3 promo from December that featured the words "nudity episode" for Idiotest.

In comparison to June 2015, GameShowNetworkNews is up 41% in monthly pageviews (from 23,330 to 32,994). From May 2016, GameShowNetworkNews is up 26% in monthly pageviews (from 26,038 to 32,994).

From January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016, GameShowNetworkNews received 172,694 pageviews, up 41% from the 122,734 pageviews from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015.

June 2016 only comes in second to August 2015, where GameShowNetworkNews received 37,041 pageviews. 


  1. Alex Davis is going to tear you a new asshole if this keeps up.

    1. LOL. Why does every game show dork seem to care what this "Alex Davis" person thinks?? I guess for the same reason "people" seem to "care" what Casey A-turd thinks. But yeah, anyway, those guys on Idiotest were hotttttt.

    2. I have to say I am a little disappointed that something actually eclipsed the "microwaved turds" discussion a year or so ago. That was hilarious.

    3. Don't you love anonymous posters? So brave in their criticism. Put your names on your insults, cowards. Anyhoo, I hadn't even looked at my pageviews for several months. You gotta plow through a few menus to get them.

      So I was really surprised that for some reason May, 2016 topped out at 41K views, the highest month ever. Don't know exactly why. There was actually less game show news in May than in June and July. Certainly nothing equal to ABC's reboots of the old formats. (I don't count reality shows with naked girls and RuPaul as game shows.)

      The June views were back down to 29K. Pretty typical for 2016 so far. I'm getting about a thousand views per day. Sure enough, I've gotten about 5K views for the first five days in July.

      Overall, 2016 is coming in as the most viewed year ever, by a pretty good margin. Thanks to all my anonymous fans out there.

    4. Glad to hear GameShowFollies is doing well. You have had good posts lately, Casey!

    5. Just because someone posts anonymously doesn't mean he/she is a coward, and just because you put your name to your comments doesn't make you correct or courageous by any means. And leave it to Casey Abell, the fat bullfrog himself, to come on HERE and congratulate himself about HIS OWN blog. What a self-important gasbag. By the way, no one CARES what you consider a game show and what you don't.

  2. It's easy for the site to get the most views when Rahner keeps clicking the refresh button.

  3. Sarah Palin is going to be a panelist on Match Game. This'll be interesting. Also, Jason Alexander from Seinfeld too. ABC is definitely determined to keep the ratings high, that's for sure.