Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Counting down until renewals for ABC's 'Celebrity Family Feud', 'The $100,000 Pyramid' and 'Match Game'

Celebrity Family Feud (8pm ET), The $100,000
 (9pm ET) and Match Game (10pm ET)
will continue NEW this Sunday on ABC.
Tonight in ABC primetime, Celebrity Family Feud and The $100,000 Pyramid will air in reruns. Yes, reruns. This is a promising sign that ABC is very satisfied ratings. In addition, ABC needs space to fill where the now-cancelled Uncle Buck used to air.

I expect tonight's Sunday night reruns leading in to To Tell the Truth at 10pm ET to average a 0.8 to 1.0 18-49 rating and 4 to 5 million viewers.

Here are the ratings for the past three ABC Sunday Nights:
Celebrity Family Feud: 18-49: 1.6, 1.1, 1.5; Total viewers (in millions): 7.98, 6.30, 7.43
The $100,000 Pyramid: 18-49: 1.7, 1.2, 1.5; Total viewers (in millions): 8.09, 6.58, 7.12
Match Game: 18-49: 1.5, 1.1, 1.2; Total viewers (in millions): 6.64, 5.65, 5.67

At this pace, all three shows should be on the way to renewal. Next to The Bachelorette, these game shows have consistently topped ABC's lineup for the week.

I am 99% certain it is the "waiting game" for Celebrity Family Feud, The $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game renewals at ABC. For the next season of each respective show, I see virtually no format and host changes.

Two interesting articles online:
1) "The New Match Game Can't Quite Live Up To It's 70's Forefather": Of course everyone is going to be a critic of the new revival, which overwhelmingly (in opinion) is the best since the original.

2) "Three Hours is Too Long (for Anything, but Especially to Watch Game Shows)": I warned about this weeks ago. Ratings have proven differently, with Match Game producing very positive numbers in the late, third hour now three weeks in a row. The article also discusses how Michael Strahan should have a Co-host on The $100,000 Pyramid. Bad idea. Why does Pyramid ever need two hosts?


  1. Why would $100,000 Pyramid ever need a co host? It would be distracting. I think Strahan is fine on his own. This revival of Match Game is like the original, except more cruder. Not to be smart, but you did forget how Match Game also airs reruns at 10 pm Thursdays. I think all three shows will be renewed, but it might be a while. CFF didn't get an official second season renewal until this past January.

    I think the reruns will do fine, but I hope it withstands America's Got Talent and the All Star Game. I think TTTT would have done a lot better if they put it after CFF or Pyramid instead of that dumb Tuesday 10 pm slot. It showed that ABC didn't know what to do with the show.

    1. "CFF didn't get an official second season renewal until this past January."

      That was in the talks last summer for CFF Season 2. It was just that the separate parties, including Harvey, were too busy to decide on a filming date.

    2. NBCU had the same issue with Steve's talk show. Dude must be greedy or something. Baldwin is going to be a huge issue because of that ridiculous salary he asked for. Strahan, I don't know.

    3. Harvey: Of course he is greedy. He realizes what he has done to Family Feud ratings since 2010 and his talk show plus his many other projects have been big successes. I bet he is pushing NBC for an even bigger pay day for Little Big Shots Season 2 based on the HUGE premiere numbers and the following weeks.

      Baldwin: He looks like he is having fun with it-with fellow celebrities more than the contestants. My best guess is that Baldwin would be back if there is a second season of Match Game.

    4. I wouldn't be surprised if NBC pays Harvey a bigger salary for LBS. I think Alec will return if renewed. I can't imagine who else is fit to host Match Game. I imagine ABC paid him six to maybe seven figures to stay on Celebrity Feud.

      With the Sunday Fun And Games block a success for ABC, I wonder if they will revive more game shows or limit themselves right now. If they decide to revive more, there have been talks for the last year and a half of a Hollywood Squares revival.

    5. "If they decide to revive more, there have been talks for the last year and a half of a Hollywood Squares revival."

      If Match Game continues to succeed, I could see another network doing a Hollywood Squares revival (I do not believe ABC would do that to Match Game).

    6. If anything, ABC's block just goes to prove that traditional in-studio game shows can succeed in primetime, if they're done correctly. You don't need a game show to have a huge gimmick attached, or an extremely slow pace dragged out with contestant backstories and emotional drama.

      What I like about ABC is that they have always been faithful to the game show genre. Even when the other networks (specifically CBS and FOX) have avoided airing game shows in primetime, every year or two, ABC commits to producing at least one, if not more. Even if the game shows they produce aren't successful, ABC doesn't abandon the genre altogether (i.e. Downfall). Now, that's probably because ABC had Millionaire and Wipeout, so they realize that even if they can only find a hit game show once every 10 years, when they do find one, it's a ratings hit and very successful for the network.

      NBC is the other broadcaster that isn't afraid to commit to a game show. Granted, their schedule right now is drama-heavy with a focus on reality competitions during the summer to lead into the Olympics, but NBC doesn't mind giving a game show a shot. Like The Wall, which is now finally prominently advertised on their shows page for everyone to see.

      This is in stark contrast to FOX, who only airs a game show roughly once every 3-4 years (by the way, 5th Grader, BOOM & Bullseye were finally removed from their shows page, indicating cancellation). And of course CBS, whom I've already ranted on far too many times for avoiding the genre altogether.

      It's strange though, because CBS and FOX have proven by their past history in the genre that they can create good game shows; it's just that they don't WANT to create game shows, and they're more focused on drama, comedy and reality competitions. Sad truth though -- with the number of cancelled dramas, comedies and reality shows both of them have gone through, they've probably spent way more money producing those single-season programs, than they would've spent had they green-lit a game show.

      Anyways, everything goes in cycles. If ABC's block continues to prove successful, the other networks will have no choice to jump on the bandwagon as well. Remember, GREED, Twenty-One and Winning Lines were only produced to compete against Millionaire. Had Millionaire not been successful ratings-wise, none of the other three would've existed to begin with.

    7. With CBS's summer dramas (BrainDead, American Gothic) bombing in the ratings, maybe it's time for them to try out a unscripted show. I mean, the last real game show CBS had was Million Dollar Password. And that was 7 to 8 years ago already. FOX did order some hypnotist game show, but who knows when that is coming.

      I don't even remember Winning Lines. I looked it up and it had a very short run on CBS. Greed had a decent run, but too much competition killed the show. I don't know if they put the show up against Millionaire.

      I think after Millionaire ended in 2002, networks didn't do that much primetime game shows. After Deal Or No Deal became the Millionaire of NBC in terms of ratings, networks tried to create something to put it up against it. And 9 times out of 10, it failed. ABC had Wipeout and after that hit, networks tried to find a copycat of it and didn't win. Now that I think about it, Wipeout premiered the same year as Celebrity Family Feud did in 2008. I still don't get why NBC canned the show after one season. Anyways, I think after ABC Millionaire ended, the primetime game wasn't around that much. After Deal became a phenomenon, networks tried out a lot of newer, fresher game shows.

    8. "You don't need a game show to have a huge gimmick attached, or an extremely slow pace dragged out with contestant backstories and emotional drama."

      You are very correct about that, Scott. That's why I was never in love with Deal or No Deal and why I really like ABC's Sunday night three.

    9. I have an idea for if ABC would like to do more game show nights in Summer. It would probably be a bit weird, but here it goes: move Bachelorette to either Sundays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays on Spring. Then, on Sundays at 8, air as a 7 night event 500 Questions (and promote the game show blocks during it). After its finale, air the season premieres of Pyramid and Match Game, so that in the week after that the season premiere of Celebrity Family Feud airs. Then on Mondays, have a block composed of a revival of the Rich List, an American version of PokerFace and an ABC version of Millionaire. It would be named (what else?) Million Dollar Mondays. On Thursdays, I would have an American version of either Mock the Week/Pointless/QI/Have I Got News For You, then Battlebots, and after that Hollywood Squares. And while this change doesn't relate to game shows, I would still like to say it: on Tuesdays at 10, rather than having dramas that are always failing on that slot, I would add a cheap show (like what NBC does on Fridays with Caught on Camera). This would be an American version of this Mexican TV show named La Resolana (check it out, it's on Youtube). It's simply a broadcast version of The Soup. What do you guys think? Would these changes fail or would they be good?

    10. "...move Bachelorette to either Sundays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays on Spring."

      I have to stop that comment right here because I am very positive (with no inside information from ABC) that ABC does not want to touch the seasonal rotation of The Bachelor/Dancing with the Stars on Mondays, which has been successful for many years.

      But I LOVE your idea of ABC scheduling more game shows.

    11. Hmm, that's true. But then where would the other game shows go where America's Got Talent doesn't face them and isn't Friday or Saturday? That's like literally the only space I could put them in.

    12. Wait. I think I know where now. Due to the bridge shows (those shows no one watches that are on during Winter) not going to be aired anymore, they could move Bachelor to October/November/December, then DWTS on Winter, and then the Bachelorette could air on Spring! And that's how the game shows could fit. And what do you think about the game shows I would put? I would like to know.

    13. I think ABC should just stick to and renew the following and only these five for 2017:

      Celebrity Family Feud
      The $100,000 Pyramid
      Match Game
      To Tell the Truth (I believe deserves renewal)
      500 Questions

      Because too many game shows on one network, especially a network that is not known for game shows, is overkill.

    14. I do agree with Scott T on the game shows not needing a gimmick. You wonder why many episodes of Deal started off with a contestant continuing with their game. They would spend 10 minutes wondering why he or she is trying to win the money. Minute To Win It had the same problem. They would do a couple of stunts, then spend the next 20 minutes having emotional drama. They would even play the cheesy inspirational music in the background and the contestant would get emotional.

  2. If Squares ever gets revived in Fall 2016, I'll bet you that It's probably gonna follow the crude train like Fremantle's properties of MG (2016) and Feud has.

    and believe it or not folks some current international versions of Squares that I've witness are becoming short-lived, but again I don't know if it is the crude humor or is that just some celebrities who aren't that funny at all.

    1. True that Hollywood Squares would be crude; would not be revived (make it to air) until mid-2017 at earliest, not Fall 2016.

    2. Yes that could be right Scott, but will never know.

      Also I expect that the set will follow like some of it's current international versions and could hire an African-American celebrity as host since producers still want a "Steve Harvey"-like persona cash cow of their own.

      as for the bonus round, they could easily borrow elements from it's short-lived 2012 MTV2 spinoff called Hip Hop Squares. But just in case you don't know what I'm talking about the contestant would pick one row of three stars from either the top, middle or bottom then a trivia question would be posed by Peter Rosenberg as three different answers would be heard from the row of three celebrities. However, two of them are straight up bluffs while one of them is the truthful real answer and if the contestant can successfully pick the celebrity with the right answer then they'll get a payoff of over $2500 in cash. But for the revival the cash payout inflation could be bigger or they could win a trip instead of the cheap $2500.

    3. I've watched many 70s/80s games on Youtube and one sticks out that hasn't become totally dated. I'm talking shows that haven't been remade in the past 20-30 years. I wonder how a reboot of Split Second would work? Watching the original, not much would need to be changed. It has all the brainwork of Jeopardy and excitement of quick on the buzzer competition. Just upgrade the cars to fancy prime time quality. My only issue is they'd be forced to have returning champs to reduce the cars from show to show if not won.

  3. Also about the future Squares revival, I'll assume that the logo would be also based on its current short-lived international counterparts as well (i.e. l'academis des 9 2015, celebrity squares u.k. 2014)

  4. Also will anybody upload the full unsold 1990 pilot of Split Second with Robb Weller in the future?

    1. I wasn't aware this was ever made. Any info if it was true to the Kennedy original or semi crapfest that was the Hall version?

  5. Sorry Tammy, but I have no source for that at all.