Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beware of false GameShowNetworkNews impersonator

On a Monday, July 11th post at GameShowFollies, an impersonator of our site, GameShowNetworkNews, made a comment that was not us, as Casey Abell hinted to (which was true). Please be aware that anyone with a Blogger profile, specifically created in "May 2016", is not associated with GameShowNetworkNews and is an impersonator. This type of incident has occurred before, even here at GameShowNetworkNews dating back to May.



  1. LOL. You just cannot go a single day without mentioning that dude who thinks he is better than everyone else (Casey A-fart), can you? For God's sake, the intelligent people KNOW that wasn't you. Stick to game shows, and stop bringing down your own blog talking about that pompous jerk.

    1. I tried not to, thinking that a comment like this would appear here. However, it was an incident that occurred on his site.

      I have mentioned Casey here a lot less in the past year ever since we receive the advanced schedules directly from GSN. No referencing him or GameShowFollies in that context any longer.

    2. Yeah his site is like a CD on repeat. Never changes. How many times can you say 'What's left of the GSN forum', 'Our little genre' and oldies suck unless I like them, then they're okay.