Wednesday, July 20, 2016

40 years of 'Family Feud', and GSN nor Buzzr did anything

Richard Dawson's Family Feud premiered
July 12, 1976, which just passed its 40th
I waited on this one just to get through all of last week. It was July 12th, 1976 that the first episode of Family Feud launched with Richard Dawson.

Any marathon or on-air mention from GSN or Buzzr? I believe not.

Very shockingly, nothing at all on the GSN Twitter page on July 12th. Most of the posts for that day were about Winsanity. I do not go on GSN's Facebook Page, but if there is nothing on Twitter, I highly doubt there will be anything on Facebook.

Finally, the below message on Family Feud's Twitter page: "Quite a run...forty years ago today, July 12, 1976, Mark Goodson's game show Family Feud premiered! The fun and laughs are timeless..."

It is super surprising that GSN did not do a Family Feud marathon at or around the time of the 40th anniversary, featuring all six hosts with an emphasis on the Steve Harvey version, considering how great the ratings are.

You would think GSN or Buzzr would have done something for Family Feud, considering how much each is aired on the two networks.


  1. I think GSN is out of the marathon business. It could have been nice though to see a Feud marathon like their fully stuffed one they did in 2013. 4 episodes for the first five hosts from 8 am to 6 pm and 6 pm to midnight for Harvey.

  2. Buzzr did mention it during one of their breaks. Lately they've been doing a 'This Week in Game Show History'. It was mentioned w/ Joyce Bulifant's(or one of the bubbly blondes from Match Game) birthday and the first ad for Rice a Roni as a game show sponsor...the San Francisco Treat.

  3. GSN does a Family Feud marathon 7 nights a week.

    1. Very true, but not with Dawson, Combs, Anderson, Karn or O'Hurley. I am still a little surprised that GSN (or Buzzr) never really threw anything for Feud's 40th.

      GSN figures they must air enough Family Feud already.