Friday, June 10, 2016

'Winsanity' rule observation

Caution: There are spoilers from last night's (June 9th) Winsanity premiere in this post

I watched both episodes of last night's Winsanity premiere on GSN. Of course, I already viewed the first episode a month ago. It was a great episode to start out with that had one contestant, who had very good judgement, flowing through the entire episode stacking all ten facts correctly.

In the second episode, the first contestant was replaced not once, but twice, meaning there were three contestants throughout the episode. I noticed that if one contestant does not flow through the entire episode, he/she is not eligible for the car and neither is their random-audience member pair up. The contestant who finished last night's second (9:30pm) episode of Winsanity, who only stacked the tenth fact, did split $10,000 with a random audience member, but neither won a car.

Additionally in the second episode (since we did not see one contestant stack anything incorrectly in the first episode), we see the Winsanity set light up in a fierce red once a contestant stacked a fact incorrectly.

As I said above, being a contestant on Winsanity depends on judgement. If you have good judgement, stacking the facts is not that hard. If you have bad judgement, you are back to your seat in the audience.


  1. Watching sci-fi week on Lingo reminds me of how much I missed it, when Lingo wasn't on the schedule.

    I would probably give Winsanity a 7/10 based on what I saw last night. Donald's a good host and the gameplay is decent, though there are lots of commercials... also sometimes it's hard to hear what he's saying, with the audience yelling and shouting profusely in the background. You were right when you said GSN was giving away a lot of money and prizes per episode, but it's more about GSN's total spending amount than the amount the contestant can win.

    For example, GSN spends $5,000 on gift cards for a round, but when you split that among 50 people, each person (including the contestant himself) is only getting a $100 gift card, which is nothing. I'll admit though, it's a definite step up from the cheaper shows this network has been focusing on lately.

    Also Adam, the nudity episode of Idiotest is weird. I saw the commercial for it. Personally I don't know how Ben could host that entire episode without getting turned on by those completely naked female contestants. It's certainly a play off of Skin Wars, except instead of just covering the areola with tape, this time it's completely exposed, and just blurred out to the television audience.

    1. Winsanity has the same 21 minute run time as Idiotest and Family Feud. Same amount of commercials.

      $100 gift card is very good for just sitting in the audience. I'll take that. But 50 of them at $100 each likely does not cost GSN $5,000. There's probably a big discount just from advertisement and publicity of the company name on the show. Think about not just the new runs but the many reruns.

      In the second episode last night, GSN was willing to give away ten (1 to the contestant, 9 to studio audience members) 4 day, 3 night vacations to somewhere really nice (I want to say Hawaii). That's big.

      The Idiotest nude episode is to attract attention. I think ratings might be very bad.

    2. Winsanity feels like The Price Is Right for some reason. But still not bad. I think Skin Wars is the reason why Idiotest is doing the nude episode. But still it's gross and disturbing. I bet Ben couldn't stop looking at the ladies' boobs during taping. This episode might as well have a TV MA rating. If Harvey Feud ever did a nudity episode, it wouldn't surprise me in the least since the show turned crude.

    3. Scott hits it on the head-methinks Overstock and the like gave away the gift cards in exchange for the plugs.

    4. "If Harvey Feud ever did a nudity episode, it wouldn't surprise me in the least since the show turned crude"

      I think both Family Feud and Steve Harvey would pass on a nudity episode. They do not need the attention.

    5. "I think both Family Feud and Steve Harvey would pass on a nudity episode They do not need the attention."

      Strange but true Scott, Besides they already got the attention by using dirty survey answer/question as jokes in the first place anyway so why bother piling on.

  2. It seems to me easier to stack 1 fact than 2 or 3 even if there are more places for it. In an episode where one player plays the whole game, it's not as important. But it seems unfair one contestant can come down and stack 1 fact and win $5,000 while others stack 2 or 3 for small prizes and the chance to win $5,000 if they make it that far. The car should be reserved for all ten though.

    How about 4-2-2-2 or 3-3-2-2? If you only have 3 facts in the first round it becomes really easy (only 6 possibilities if you randomly guess) but then again the prize(s) are really cheap so why not? If one player is playing the whole game then it doesn't matter. But it shouldn't be easier to win $5,000 than a consolation prize+$5,000.

    1. "It seems to me easier to stack 1 fact than 2 or 3 even if there are more places for it."

      Agreed-because the facts are so far apart numerically. Winsanity seems really easy to me. I do not believe I guessed anything wrong, except I was split on the "heartbeats in a lifetime" one that the contestant and audience were also split on in the June 9th episode.

      Schmolik: Your thoughts are definitely ones to explore once we see more episodes.