Saturday, June 18, 2016

'Winsanity' becomes harder

The following post has spoilers from the Thursday, June 16th airing of Winsanity at 9pm ET.
Winsanity became a little tougher this week. I have said in the past and others have said very recently that Winsanity is not a tough quizzer like The Chase. Winsanity was up in toughness this week.

What got me, the audience and even the contestant on Winsanity this past week was "Number of hair follicles on a human being." This was the tenth fact and that contestant, going for the $5,000 and car (and all that for a partner too) stacked hair follicles above 200 million. The audience detected this was way off. A female contestant in the audience took the microphone and said it had to be stacked between 9 million and 200 million (which also later turned out to be incorrect).

I had to pause to realize what a hair follicle meant. It's not necessarily common knowledge like "Number of original episodes of Friends." A hair follicle is basically the root of your hairs, no matter what part of the body. Head, shoulders, knees, toes and more.

The contestant really thought it had to be over 200 million because we were talking about everywhere on the body.

The number of hair follicles on a human body was around 5 million. That contestant, who stacked the first nine facts correctly, only left with a gift card (she and select audience members lost prizes won in the second and third rounds). On Winsanity, whatever you win in the first round you are allowed to keep no matter what happens.

Another numerical fact that got me in this episode was the 200 million one, which was number of boxes of girl scout cookies sold in the United States per year. 200 million? The decision was if this was suppose to be above or below 9 million Hulu subscribers. I was a little surprised about over 9 million in the first place, but 200 million? Wow. Americans must really like their Girl Scout cookies.


  1. Man, Winsanity is so dumbed down.. how is GSN going to afford to keep giving stuff away like this? It just doesn't seem like a show that a smart player could lose..

    1. Despite the odd fact being difficult to place (such as in this episode), it feels like Winsanity is trying to be another $100k Lingo. In other words, it feels like GSN had so much money saved in the bank from producing cheap reality shows (Skin Wars) and cheap game shows (Idiotest, Chain Reaction), that Davis was thinking, "Hmm... what should we blow all this extra money on? Hey! I know! Let's create a new primetime game show called Winsanity and make it very similar to Family Feud in terms of the atmosphere, but increase the prize budget and split it amongst the audience."

      It is a game show, so I will give GSN credit for that. But it's just not keeping my attention. The audience is way too loud, and the music and sound effects are so low-key and generic, it's not a game show that everyone will be talking about years from now.

      I even forgot Winsanity was on this past Thursday. That's how much I watch GSN nowadays -- not enough to see the promos and remember when their new shows are airing. And when BattleBots premieres this coming Thursday, I'll be watching ABC instead.

      If GSN had this kind of excess money available, I would've preferred that they had just spent it on producing a more memorable kind of game show, one that has longevity, like Lingo. But then again, those types of traditional game shows attract an older crowd, which is what GSN is staying away from now.

      GSN always seems to like making expensive game shows cheap (1 VS 100, Pyramid), and likewise, they make cheap game shows expensive for no reason other than to blow away excess money saved up in their coffers ($100k Lingo, Winsanity).

      Unfortunately, this strategy hasn't worked in the past and it still isn't working. If Winsanity doesn't get back up to the 500-600k mark, then GSN will look at this from the perspective that they could've just aired another hour of Feud in its place, and it would've been cheaper and less time-consuming, than putting time and money and effort into producing their own original game show series, which is doing the same or worse in ratings, in comparison to Feud.

      Anyways, 7 days until the premiere of Sunday Fun and Games. Now THAT's something memorable and interesting to talk about.

    2. I'll definitely be tuning in to the Sunday Fun And Games. Probably one of the most creative blocks ABC has ever created. BattleBots I'll watch as watch because it is a fun show. Winsanity is all right, but the audience really needs to chill out. They act like Oprah gave them all cars. The only reason Winsanity did so so this week was because of the NBA Finals on ABC. Even Family Feud didn't really perform hot at 10 pm. I don't really watch GSN that much anymore because well some Feud show takes up almost half the schedule.

      To reiterate, Sunday Fun And Games is WAY better than what GSN puts out. It's like our childhood favorites are back even for the summer. I haven't seen a better block of shows since the Whose Line/Millionaire combo ABC had on Thursdays for a while if anyone remembers that.

    3. To Scott T.:

      "In other words, it feels like GSN had so much money saved in the bank from producing cheap reality shows (Skin Wars)"

      Skin Wars is not cheap. Think of RuPaul, Romijn, the models and paint. Skin Wars is one of GSN's most expensive ever.

      "If Winsanity doesn't get back up to the 500-600k mark..."

      Winsanity can survive with 350K to 400K total viewer numbers, but the 18-49's need to be at least 100K-at absolute minimum-preferably closer to 150K. That's how Idiotest survived its first season.