Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tonight on GSN: 'Winsanity' premieres at 9pm and 9:30pm ET

GSN's newest, traditional, studio-based game show premieres tonight. Winsanity is similar to Idiotest, Chain Reaction, Lingo and The Chase in the sense of contestants competing for money (and rather money and prizes on Winsanity). Winsanity is not a reality competition show like Skin Wars or horrible gameplay like Lie Detectors or Mind of a Man. Here is the GameShowNetworkNews review of Winsanity from last month. Winsanity got an A grade. I believe Winsanity is a winner.

On Winsanity, a contestant is randomly selected from the audience to play the game through the green "Win Watch", which all audience members wear. This contestant has to stack four numerical facts in order from highest to lowest. If the contestant performs that operation correctly, that contestant and a large portion of the studio audience (usually around 40 to 50 people) win a prize (for example, a gift card). The same pattern continues for the second round, only with three numerical facts (stacked between the four numerical facts already, which is a total of seven facts). The third round throws in two more facts which now adds up to a total of nine facts. The tenth fact comes in the fourth/last round, where the contestant and a random audience member work together to place that tenth fact inbetween the 9 prior facts. If the 10th fact is correct, the contestant and that specific audience member will each win $5,000 and a car.

Donald Faison, formerly from Scrubs and TV Land's The Exes, hosts Winsanity. Kira Soltanovich serves as announcer who also has an on-air role through interaction with contestants and Faison.

Winsanity, surrounded by hours of Family Feud, has garnered tons of focus and attention from GSN. Winsanity, in recent weeks, has been put as GSN's main focus ahead of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, Skin Wars and IdiotestGSN has even made their own Family Feud-Winsanity cross-over promotion with similar catch-phrases of "Survey Says" from Family Feud and "Show it to us" from Winsanity repeating multiple times.

Winsanity premieres tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT with an additional new episode at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT on GSN.

You can play along with Winsanity from home in real time to win prizes at

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