Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday night Fun & Games on ABC

ABC's Sunday Night Fun & Games, featuring Steve
Harvey, Michael Strahan and Alec Baldwin,
premieres this Sunday, 8-11pm ET on ABC.
Cheers to ABC for bringing back Celebrity Family Feud for another season and reviving the Pyramid and Match Game franchises, instead of trying to find the next big singing competition show like prior summer television seasons (Rising Star, Duets).

It's summer 2016 and ABC has put their priority on "Sunday Night Fun and Games" along with Battlebots and The Bachelorette. I am personally overjoyed that Celebrity Family Feud was a success last summer and I have high hopes for The $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game.

All three of these shows appear to be successes and have received positive reviews. Celebrity Family Feud sticks to the current Harvey version and should have no problem continuing if all parties are interested after this season. You can expect minor, if any changes at all, from last year's Celebrity Family FeudThe $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game appear to stick closely to their original versions. For all three of these shows, it appears you have a great lineup of B-List and even A-List celebrities. All three shows also look great when it comes to the set, appearing modernized and beautiful.

The only fear that I have with Sunday Night Fun and Games is the scheduling. The order makes the most sense with Celebrity Family Feud, proven to perform strong, at the top of the lineup. Celebrity Family Feud will likely be the top performer this summer, boosting The $100,000 Pyramid and putting Match Game in a strong 3rd.

From my understanding, this Sunday Night Fun and Games block is three hours for the majority of the summer. Of course die-hard game show fanatics will tune in to ABC to see all three hours. But casual viewers, which will be over ninety percent of the total audience come this Sunday, tune in for all three hours? This is where I worry if three hours of game shows for multiple weeks on end is too much on ABC.

I believe ABC's Sunday Night Fun and Games will prove to be a success. I simply question the longevity of the three hours each Sunday night as being overkill.

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  1. I must be one of those game show fanatics! I was very impressed with Match game and Pyramid. Family Feud has always been a great show, so; no surprises there. However I must say the first two hosts (Richard Dawson & Ray Combs) have never been matched in my opinion. Steve Harvey is ok but it's the concept that keeps this show at the top. Alec Baldwin surprised me and did an excellent job. He was witty and funny. You can never replace Gene Rayburn but Alec more than held his own. Pyramid had some great players and was really exciting to watch. Yet again I must say it's the concept and players who make the show. Michael Strahan really did nothing special for me, the game is what mattered. I will be there every Sunday night, all 3 hours. Keep it up ABC