Thursday, June 30, 2016

'Skin Wars' announces Season 3 winner

The below post includes spoilers from the Skin Wars finale, which aired June 29, 2016. Please do not scroll down if you do not wish to have the episode and contestant results spoiled for you.

Rick Uribe wins
Season 3 of Skin Wars!
The Season 3 Skin Wars finale aired last night and to my surprise, a male contestant won (see our Season 3 premiere episode review where I boldly stated towards the bottom that a female contestant would win for the third straight season). For the record, even though I did not state it anywhere, I believed going in to last night that Brittney would win. I couple weeks ago, I believed Tiffany would win.

My above opinions hold nothing against our Season 3 winner, Rick Uribe! He is the first man to win Skin Wars. The prior two Skin Wars winners were Natalie Fletcher in Season 1 and Lana Chromium in Season 2.

Alison Kenyon is the Season 3 runner up. Brittney Pelloquin came in 3rd. 

In last night's finale, Alison won the first challenge. The second/final challenge consisted of a backdrop and two models (one model would be camouflaged in the backdrop and a second would be the highlight of the piece). Contestants were given ten hours. Unlike prior Skin Wars finales (and Steampunk'd), this year, no contestants eliminated earlier this season helped the finalists on a team.

Judge RuPaul stated that he felt an emotional connection with Rick knowing that he came from a poor neighborhood that consisted of gangs and drug trafficking (Rick originally lived in Mexico).

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