Saturday, June 4, 2016

Only 13?

Thirteen shows air on the GSN schedule
per week, this week only.
When writing yesterday's post relating to the one-year anniversary of Buzzr, it occurred to me when comparing GSN's lineup to Buzzr's that GSN airs fewer shows than I thought. Take a look (and how much each show consumes the weekly schedule for the week of May 30-June 5).

Family Feud (39.1%)
Deal or No Deal (11.9%)
The Newlywed Game (9.4%)
Baggage (8.0%)
Card Sharks (5.4%)- surprised more than Idiotest and Skin Wars?
Idiotest (5.1%)
Skin Wars (5.1%)
Chain Reaction (3.6%)
Lingo (3.6%)
Match Game (3.6%)
Catch 21 (1.8%)
Press Your Luck (1.8%)
The Pyramid (1.8%)

Thirteen was not the same case in prior weeks and will not be the same case in future weeks. Just take the week of May 16th, when The Chase, Baggage On The Road and The $25,000 Pyramid were still on the schedule, the show total was 16. Two weeks from now, the week of June 13th, the show total will be up to 15 with the introduction of Winsanity and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.

In other words, this "only 13 shows per week" lasts one week: This week.

A 24 by 7 cable network can survive on a number of shows in the low to mid teens, like GSN hovering between 13 and 16 currently. No need for the variety of 20 to 30 different shows like GSN used to have in its first in its first ten to fifteen years on the air. Why bother when Steve Harvey Family Feud puts up numbers like these?


  1. The variety is what used to keep me watching GSN all day, and the current lack of it, is what's making me watch anything other than GSN all day. At least the schedule was different pre-2010, in that you had shows which only aired once or twice a week, like Greed, when it only aired on Sunday nights -- it gave a reason to tune into GSN on that specific day. The current schedule doesn't give any reason to tune in on any particular day, because I've seen the same episodes of the same programs for such a long time. And for any new GSN original, the episodes are repeated so often that even if you miss it on the day it airs, there are many more opportunities in the week to watch it again, so you don't even need to DVR it.

    The lack of variety is making me miss even previous GSN originals, like 20Q, The Money List, Bingo America, Friend or Foe, Grand Slam, How Much Is Enough, That's The Question, Russian Roulette... just to name a few.

    There are literally HUNDREDS of actual game shows that GSN can add to their schedule, either produced by GSN themselves or acquired from other networks. You'd think they could dedicate at least a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday night block to airing something different, but they're too obsessed with their 18-49 demos to care less, and you can see it with the lack of effort they put into marathons these days.

    In fact, it's funny, because ABC is airing more new game shows this summer than GSN is airing all year long. GSN should change their future press releases from "The leader in game shows" to "The previous leader in game shows." I mean, surely ABC must know that the genre in general attracts an older audience, which may bring their overall 18-49 demo down a bit, especially on Sunday and Tuesday nights, but they're still going with it anyway.

    GSN could learn a thing or two from what ABC is doing.

    1. Yes, to everything you said....except Bingo America. That was like watching paint dry.

    2. "At least the schedule was different pre-2010, in that you had shows which only aired once or twice a week, like Greed, when it only aired on Sunday nights -- it gave a reason to tune into GSN on that specific day."

      Around the time of 2010-13, GSN had something similar with Million Dollar Password, Power of 10 and 1 vs. 100. Those were always aired about once a week...typically Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons sandwiched around Deal or No Deal.

      Something like Million Dollar Password would definitely be welcomed back to the schedule now and would probably perform adequately.

      What surprised me about my list above in the post is 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place above Skin Wars and Idiotest.

      The fact that GSN still has to rely on Deal or No Deal, The Newlywed Game and Baggage, shows that were originally popular on GSN in and around 2009-12, proves that nothing has worked out for GSN as schedule-filler the past five years besides Harvey Feud.

      Lingo 2011? 1 vs. 100 (NBC and GSN)? The Pyramid? Minute to Win It (NBC and GSN)? Mind of a Man? Skin Wars? The Chase? Chain Reaction (Catherwood)? Improv? Love Triangle? Family Trade? Steampunk'd? Hellevator? Lie Detectors?

      None of these really *worked* on GSN in reruns, as schedule fillers, for very long or at all. Very sad!

      Card Sharks coming in 5th place SHOCKED me, which further proves my point.

  2. with gsn wanting to shift more towards comedy and reality programming, i wouldn't be surprised if a name and format change happens soon

    1. Robert: Take a look at this, first reported by GameShowNetworkNews in November: