Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New tonight on GSN: 'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint' premiere following NEW 'Skin Wars'

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint premieres tonight on GSN.
It's a premiere night on GSN! Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, hosted by RuPaul Charles (judge on Skin Wars), premieres tonight at 10pm ET/7pm PT. Emma Cammack and Mat Gleason serve as judges on Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.

GameShowNetworkNews reviewed Skin Wars: Fresh Paint in May. In Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, past Skin Wars contestants come back to mentor artists who have never body-painted before, also called "Newbies". In each Skin Wars: Fresh Paint episode, there are six different artists. In each episode, the winning artist takes home $10,000.

A few of the past contestants who serve as mentors on Skin Wars: Fresh Paint include Natalie Fletcher (Season 1), Shannon Holt (Season 1), Cheryl Ann Lipstreu (Season 2), Avi Ram (Season 2), Rio Sirah (Season 2) and Dutch Bihary (Season 1). There are three mentors per episode and change from episode to episode.

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint was originally a one-time special which aired last August (also hosted by RuPaul, judges Emma Cammack and Mat Gleason). Ratings were positive where GSN went ahead to turn Skin Wars: Fresh Paint into an eight-episode series.

The upcoming eight episodes of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is a replica of the August special. There are virtually no rule changes.

Tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT, a NEW episode of Skin Wars will air. We are down to the top five contestants on Skin Wars (Alison, Brittney, Michael, Rick and Tiffany). Singer Adrienne Bailon serves as guest judge. This week narrows the contestant pool down from five to four contestants. Next week (June 22nd) is the "Semi-Finale" of Skin Wars.

Tonight's (6/15) schedule (All Times ET):
8:00pm: Family Feud
8:30pm: Family Feud
9:00pm: Skin Wars (new)
10:00pm: Skin Wars: Fresh Paint (premiere)
11:00pm: Idiotest
11:30pm: Idiotest
12:00am: Skin Wars (encore)
1:00am: Skin Wars: Fresh Paint (encore)

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