Sunday, June 19, 2016

My two random conversations about 'Family Feud'

Two random run-ins I had about Steve Harvey Family Feud over the past two days. The first while watching an episode and the second was a conversation in public:

A female senior citizen (well over the "55+" or "65+", an individual easily 80+): "Does this show ever have any white contestants?" This was after Steve Harvey stood in front of a black family while they were answering survey questions. There was a white family on the other side.

A 20 year old female after I mentioned someone with the same name as her on Family Feud: "What's Family Feud?"
Me after I thought she was joking: "Really? With Steve Harvey?"
The 20 year old female: "Oh, wasn't he the one who messed up Miss Universe?"

I was in disbelief. For the record, this 20 year old female does have a television and access to the internet every day.

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