Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I am sick and tired of the 2010-11 season of 'Family Feud'

I am a casual GSN viewer. I particularly tune in for new runs of Winsanity, Idiotest and Skin Wars lately. I watch Family Feud on occcasion and there are days and weeks that go by where I see no Family Feud on GSN.

Some say Harvey Feud has experienced "rerun abuse" while GSN ratings say differently. I currently feel like I have memorized the 2010-11 season of Family Feud, just from occasional reruns on GSN.

The first season of Family Feud arrived on GSN in March 2012 with only ten slots a week. Ten turned in to twenty, which turned in to thirty rapidly throughout the spring of 2012. By the time September 2012 rolled around, Steve Harvey Family Feud had 40 airings a week on GSN. By the time October 2012 rolled around, Harvey Feud had 60 airings a week on GSN (which stabilized at exactly 60 reruns per week until the spring).

Keep in mind the endless reruns in 2012-13 were all only the 165 episodes of Family Feud from Harvey's first season, the 2010-11 television season.

By the spring of 2013 (when 2011-12 Harvey Feud episodes surfaced on the schedule), I had seen all episodes of Harvey's first season (at least twice) just as a casual viewer who would tune in briefly in late afternoon, around dinnertime or for a half-hour before bed.

A real estimate for how many times each episode of the 2010-11 season of Family Feud aired on GSN between March 2012, its debut on GSN, and March 2013 is between 13 and 14 times.

Now, it has been three years since. The first season of Steve Harvey Family Feud currently airs 20 times per week on the schedule and has been consistent on the schedule the past three years, airing along with more recent seasons.

A real estimate for how many times each episode of the 2010-11 season of Family Feud has aired on GSN since March 2012 is now between 34 and 35 and climbing.

Imagine that: Each episode of the first season of Harvey Feud has been seen on GSN up to 35 times (once every five weeks for the past four years)!

I am sick and tired of the first season of Steve Harvey Family Feud. It has aired too much for too long. I have personally seen most of Harvey's first season five to ten times. I do not watch GSN in that part of the day any longer!

GSN is making an interesting move with the pre-primetime Steve Harvey Family Feud block starting tonight, which has been virtually untouched since the beginning of 2014 (minus Lie Detectors for one lousy week). Winsanity reruns will air tonight at 6pm and 6:30pm ET. Additionally, in recent GSN on-air promos for Family Feud, reruns have been advertised for "Weeknights 8/7c" and no longer "Weekdays 6/5c".

I hope this is a move in the right direction to finally get that first season of Harvey Feud with the Universal Studios roller coaster introduction off my television.


  1. I wish GSN would get more variety--it's unwatchable now due to the endless amounts of Harvey Feud.

    1. Which is why I hope for Winsanity to be a long term success so there can be at least a little cutback.

    2. I remember in my area my CW affilate showed the first season until 2014 along with the recent runs. I agree I'm tired of the first season. I can only see that woman with the big boobs and the infamous "NAKED GRANDMA!" guy so much it makes my head want to explode. The Universal Studios rollercoaster intro was unnecessary if you asked me. I know it was in Florida, but they didn't need to show that. GSN might start showing the HD Harvey episodes at 6 pm soon because the GSN viewer is probably burned out of seeing the first two seasons over and over again. I think people are slowly starting to get tired out of the second season too. It's been three years since that season has been on the schedule.

    3. I think it's time for GSN to give the first season of Steve Harvey Family Feud a rest very soon. Give his first season a few slots on the schedule (since if you're GSN, you still own the rights). Other than that, hide it.

      The 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons of Harvey Feud have not aired on the weekday schedule before 8pm ET. There's some rule with that in the lease.

    4. Adam the reason for the Universal Studios roller coaster was it wasn't just taped in Florida it was taped AT Universal Studios

  2. Yes It's Time To Give It A Rest

  3. Can I edit your headline and take out "the 2010-11 season of"?

    1. That's a good one. :)

      My point is the 2010-11 season has been excessive. I emphasize that I am a casual viewer of GSN and their Feud reruns. I have seen these episodes at least five times each.

      There are actually a good number of Harvey's second, third and fourth seasons that have all been on GSN for some time now that I still have not seen some of.

    2. Thanks, and this comes from someone who doesn't get GSN thanks to WOW opting to provide every other cable channel in the top 200. Looking at their daily schedules makes my skin crawl. In the past I longed for GSN, but with the addition of Buzzr I'm fine. Don't miss it at all, except I'd like to see an ep of Winsanity.

  4. You folks maybe tired of the 2010-2011 season of Harvey's Feud, but I'm just tired of Harvey's Feud in general.

    As a matter of fact, I used to have respect for the franchise when it was more classier all-the-while having it's own identity, when it was all about the gameplay and while you had some versions where it had some *ahem* "Tongue-in-Cheek" moments here and there it was never all away full blown dirt-o-rama. But now-a-days (thanks to Harvey) the more "Youtube-Friendly" it gets, the less "Family-Friendly" it becomes.