Monday, June 27, 2016

GSN revises advanced schedule for June 27-July 3 and July 4-10

GSN has made some changes to their Saturday night lineup involving Winsanity, likely in reaction to poor rerun numbers from the previous Saturday nights:

June 27-July 3 (update)
July 4-10 (update)

*The next two Saturday nights, a Winsanity rerun will air at 9pm, not 8:30pm. The 8:30pm timeslot will be Family Feud. The 8pm Winsanity rerun remains.

Saturday night schedule for July 2nd and July 9th:
8:00pm: Winsanity (rerun)
8:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
9:00pm: Winsanity (rerun)
9:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)

All Times ET


  1. Is it wise to split Steve Feud up? Because if Winsanity rerun numbers are poor, then it might drag down Feud with it. This show might not have a bright future.

    Non related, but saw that Burton Richardson is still the announcer for Celebrity Family Feud Season 2. I kind of wish he was still the Feud announcer. He's better than the prerecorded intros they have now.

    1. "Is it wise to split Steve Feud up?"

      No, I do not see this Saturday night change working out for long. Same for Winsanity-I now really see Winsanity must have ratings issues.

      Not quite sure what GSN is trying to do here except help Winsanity. But this shows Winsanity reruns are weak in ratings where each episode needs a Harvey Feud lead-in.

      "Non related, but saw that Burton Richardson is still the announcer for Celebrity Family Feud Season 2."

      Yes, because Celebrity Family Feud is taped in Los Angeles. When syndicated Feud moved out of Los Angeles in 2010 for obvious reasons with the new host being Steve Harvey, Richardson announcing any longer did not work out.

      Good to see Burt Richardson getting work.

    2. GSN would be better off airing Harvey Feud from 8-10 pm on Saturday night.

      With the Celeb Feud premiere getting 7.7 million, I wonder if it can tick up next week.

    3. 1) Harvey Feud cap. GSN can't, unless they move an hour of Feud elsewhere. Right now, GSN is just attempting to get as many eyeballs on Winsanity as possible by surrounding it with Harvey Feud.

      2) Celebrity Family Feud will likely not tick up next week. It's a holiday weekend.

    4. It would have been smart on ABC's part to delay the shows a week because of the holiday.

  2. You know guys, even though I still don't care about the series at all but with the episode of CFF on ABC with Lance Bass (along with his "hubby") coming up in the future, I think that it could be a controversial one and Harvey could either rejected them, make fun of them or both.

    Besides I never seen Harvey have any affiliation with that kind let alone have a hard time accepting them for who they are in general since he's a so-called Christian believer of course.

    1. Sounds like YOU have more of a problem than Steve Harvey does. Why would he "reject" or "make fun of" them? "Have an affiliation with that kind?" Yup. You're the one with the problem, dude.

  3. I'm saying that I think Feud either "Celebrity or Civilian" has never had a queer contestant I think.

    I know that a celebrity edition of The Newlywed Game (Wilson of course) had George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) and his husband were contestants on the show and they've won.

    It's not that I have an issue with it, It's just that I don't usually dive into that subject in particular since it's serious and all.

    1. You think Family Feud has never had a gay contestant? Are you serious? Get real!!

  4. Well of course anon, please enlighten me with you knowledge on the subject.