Thursday, June 9, 2016

GSN Ratings 6/8: 'Skin Wars' has highest-rated new run in six weeks in total viewers

More ratings will get filled in once they are provided

GSN Ratings for Wednesday, June 8th (All Times ET):
10:00pm Skin Wars (new): 510,000 total viewers/0.13 18-49 viewers (about 160,000 18-49 viewers); up 2% in total viewers from last week

This is the highest rated episode of Skin Wars in total viewers since April 27th, mostly thanks to higher-rated Family Feud serving as lead-in to the new episode of Skin Wars rather than a low-rated Skin Wars rerun.


  1. Winsanity was a solid show. I'll admit, Faison was good as a host. I think stacking facts is a good objective and should be more game shows like that. The audience is a lot like the one on TPIR. Rowdy and wild, but I can't complain. And it is actually family friendly. It's a entertaining half hour and here's hoping to a long success for Winsanity.

    Non related, but I saw a Idiotest promo for Tuesday and one of the episodes is the nudity episode. Really? Now's that family entertainment. Two naked women and two naked men are competing and parents are telling their kids to turn that off. I'm pretty sure this is the first game show to ever do a nude episode. Even Ben wasn't wearing pants. Yep. Now there's something for the ladies. What the hell is going on at GSN? Is nudity entertaining to them? Even censored nudity? This is why you canceled Chase and Chain Reaction so you can do stupid crap like this? What's next, they'll have two serial killers take on two convicts?

    1. Actually I'd like to see Jill Stein take on Darrell Castle on IdioTest like some of the gubernatorial candidates did on Lingo in 2003