Tuesday, June 7, 2016

GSN gets smart

Starting tomorrow night, Family Feud serves as lead-in to Skin Wars. This was the one place where adding Family Feud to the schedule is completely appropriate and necessary.

Throughout the majority of the first season, the entire second season and in the current season up until tonight, GSN has always put a rerun of Skin Wars from the prior week as lead in to the new episode. This never made any sense. Skin Wars reruns have always performed poorly.

If you take a look at episodes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 this year, the lead-in rerun of Skin Wars on Wednesday nights right before the new episode averaged a very darn awful 256,000 total viewers and 71,000 18-49 viewers. Season 2 numbers were similar, with the final five lead-in reruns averaging 284,000 total viewers and 109,000 18-49 viewers. Last July, I called on GSN to remove that rerun and replace it with The Chase.

I cannot guarantee, but I have certainty that tomorrow's Skin Wars and/or future weeks of Skin Wars will achieve high ratings, if not even a season high with the Steve Harvey Family Feud lead-in. In the 8pm and 8:30pm timeslots for Family Feud from May 30-June 3, the average was 635,000 total viewers, with the lowest rated episode at 551,000 total viewers.

Now imagine an audience of well over half a million viewers for Family Feud leading in to a new episode of Skin Wars, which with a poor lead-in attracts about half a million viewers itself.

In conclusion, I predict Skin Wars will do very well tomorrow night.

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