Friday, June 24, 2016

GSN 2016-17 development slate updates involving 'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint', 'Hellevator', 'Divided', 'Breaking App', 'Window Warriors'

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is pivoting towards Season 2 renewal; major changes for Hellevator Season 2; Divided and Breaking App a GSN development priority; Window Warriors to be scouted as "winter wonderland" theme

It is no surprise that GSN is satisfied with the Skin Wars: Fresh Paint ratings. The ratings for the second week were down but still strong. For the June 15th premiere, GSN sent out a very positive press release. Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, hovering with a median viewer age in the 50's at this point, has been placed as "very likely" towards renewal for 2017.

This is no surprise, but even more changes are underway for the second season of Hellevator. The first, major change was the news that there will be teams of four in the upcoming season, not three, which is likely a result for faster gameplay and more rounds. Additional rumored changes include different gameplay, different set (or "warehouse") and a redesigned money ladder and top prize. More rumored changes for the second season of Hellevator account for highlighting game show moments that have gone bad in the past and a viewer interaction that lets the audience watching at home submit photos of themselves in Halloween costumes. This will be similar to what GSN has done with Winsanity through the play along feature

It is very likely the second season of Hellevator will start and end in October.

While Window Warriors is a show that we already know is coming to the GSN airwaves, Divided and Breaking App have not come along that far in the development stages yet. As of the March upfronts, Divided was in the "In Development" phase and Breaking App was in the "Pilot Projects" stages.

Since the end of March, Breaking App has been casting. At the moment, both Breaking App and Divided are on top when it comes to GSN's development priorities.

Divided is where three contestants who are complete strangers have to all agree on one answer. Arguing amongst contestants (and how long it takes to resolve and find an answer) is key with time and money running out. Breaking App deals with new app inventions, similar to entrepreneurs pitching on ABC's Shark Tank.

Window Warriors, which will premiere this Fall, is expected to end its first season in December. GSN is attempting to tie-in a "Christmas theme" to Window Warriors to symbolize the window shopping and Christmas theme with the show.

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