Friday, June 3, 2016

Dylan Lane on Linkedin

Dylan Lane, 10 years after his
stint hosting GSN's Chain Reaction
At the beginning of 2015 when the most recent revival of Chain Reaction was early in production stages, I posted an article questioning what had happened to Dylan Lane, the host of GSN's first Chain Reaction revival.

I will admit Dylan Lane is an unusual case. Unlike most GSN hosts, like Jerry Springer, Sherri Shepherd, Rebecca Romijn, Ben Gleib and multiple others, Lane did not have a celebrity career before his GSN stint.

Lane's television career also did not kick off after his on-air exposure on Chain Reaction like Todd Newton's after Whammy!

My article from early 2015 has gained some attention and the thread of comments have continued to as recent as yesterday. A big thank you to Benjamin Schneider just yesterday for finding Dylan Lane's Linkedin page:

"I am a marketing professional who's chosen to follow his passion for renewable energy and emerging technology.

As a member of the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle launch, I realized that I could more actively influence the future of our environment. Enrolling in a Wind Energy program allowed me to refocus my efforts on alternative energy and change my career. 

As a level 2 wind technician, I learned about the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of complex mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and computer systems. I continue to work in renewable energy, but remotely monitor all North American GE wind sites. I look forward to improving work processes, working together on a team, improving the troubleshooting and operations of wind sites globally. "

Basically since February 2015, Lane has been a Wind Technician working on renewable energy solutions. Lane was a student SUNY Clinton (Clinton Community College) in 2013-14. From 2010-14, Lane had part time jobs as a Tour Manager, Driving Course Instructor and Motorcycle Safety Instructor. 

I hope Dylan Lane is happy with his current career. Wind Technician is certainly an in-demand 21st Century career. 

I did like Lane a lot on Chain Reaction, but it does not appear he will be heading back to television, at least anytime soon. 


  1. Hey, Rahner, you're a wind technician too. Full of hot air that no one cares about!

  2. Thank you for the shoutout, Scott! My pleasure! I've been reading your blog since August 2013 but only recently started to interact in the comments. Keep up the good work!

  3. "Lane's television career also did not kick off after his on-air exposure on Chain Reaction like Todd Newton's after Whammy!"

    I hate to be that guy but Newton already had a TV career before Whammy!, he was the host of Hollywood Showdown first

    1. ^^I appreciate this

      I was vague on Newton's career before Whammy! since I did not really know who he was before then. I do believe Whammy! helped kick off other parts of his career towards and including Family Game Night.

    2. I still wouldn't describe Todd Newton as being anywhere near a household name like some in the game show community think he is or want him to be. 99% of people probably have no idea who he is.

    3. "99% of people probably have no idea who he is."

      I 100% agree about your 99%.

      Agreed that Newton is not a household name like Trebek, Sajak and Philbin-or even more like "B List" game show hosts including Howie Mandel, Chuck Woolery and Alfonso Ribeiro.