Friday, June 3, 2016

Buzzr turns 1

Just a small number of days ago, the one-year anniversary of Buzzr passed. Buzzr, the [new] classic game show network, launched June 1st, 2015.

Buzzr has aired some pretty cool showings in its first year, including the "Buzzr Lost and Found", letting viewers select shows through "Pick & Play" back in October, "Betty White Christmas" and most recent, the Valentine's Day marathon.

Buzzr's distribution has grown to approximately, if not over, 60% by now. I believe that is by far more than what GSN had after its first anniversary in 1995. However, cable availability is much more widespread (and cheaper when comparing inflation) 20 years later.

In comparison, I give Buzzr credit for offering 16 shows, still all from the 20th Century, in comparison to GSN's 13. I am not familiar with the Buzzr schedule, but looking on the surface, I see mostly 70's and 80's classics and even some 50's and 60's with To Tell the Truth, What's My Line? and I've Got a Secret. Not even the 1990's has phased Buzzr yet.

I say "the [new] classic game show network" in my first line because that is what Buzzr essentially is. GSN's emphasis on classic game shows has faded the past fifteen years, particularly between 2009-11 (the Kelly Goode years), a rebound in 2012 and in 2013-14 then a decline currently. GSN airs 15 hours of pre-1990 shows a week, only consisting of three shows (Match Game, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck), which is 10.9% of the entire schedule. The remaining 89.1% of the GSN schedule are shows produced after the year 2005. Two-fifths of the entire GSN schedule is Family Feud.

As I said back in January 2015, Buzzr would be a little deal to GSN. The (likely) microscopic audience of Buzzr does not hold a candle to the rising GSN audience, which averages 400,000 to half a million in recent primetime averages. Casey Abell had a different prospective about Buzzr's effect on GSN, but it does not appear after one year that Buzzr holds a candle to GSN.

If you are a classic game show fan, you must love Buzzr. I hope the network has longevity for your sake since GSN appears to be out of the classic game show biz.


  1. You'll learn one day that no one gives a rat's butt what Casey Abell thinks.

    1. ...except Casey himself. He is an unsufferable old fart.

  2. Casey Abell does not comment around here anymore. I don't know why, but he doesn't. He was dead wrong about the Buzzr-GSN competition, where Buzzr has certainly not hurt GSN's ratings overall. From the limited morning ratings we have seen over the past year, it does not even appear Buzzr has hurt GSN mornings, where similar shows like Card Sharks and Match Game air, ratings are still level to the beginning of 2015 and prior.

    I have skimmed GameShowFollies and apparently I have an impersonater: Beware of comments from a "Scott Rahner" profile that was created in May 2016 once you click on my name. I have been on Blogger much longer than that!

    Exhibit A:

    1. Who cares why that fat fart doesn't comment here? Just be thankful that he doesn't!!!

  3. I still don't have Buzzr in my area. But congrats to them celebrating 1 year on the air. I guess right now Buzzr is starting like the old GSN with showing classic game shows 24/7. I give it a year or two where they start incorporating 90s and 2000s shows on the schedule. But I guess they're taking it easy with their shows.

    Now GSN only has 3 classics. If they all go away at some point, traditionalists will blow a gasket.

  4. I wouldn't mind if Buzzr starts to rerun Beach Clash this summer since its appropriate and was a former All-American Television series which in turn is absorbed into FremantleMedia.

    But here's what I think that they would never rerun on Buzzr.

    I've Got a Secret (2000 and 2006 versions respectively)
    The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (joint ownership with MGM Television for Squares)
    Scattergories (a joint ownership problem with Hasbro)
    Scrabble (also a joint ownership problem with Hasbro)
    Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck (Former GSN original)

  5. I also forgot to mention that I believe that both Concentration and Classic Concentration will also never be rerunned on Buzzr as well due to a half part of NBCUniversal owning the rights to them.