Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A comeback on 'Idiotest'

SPOILER ALERT: This post reveals a spoiler about the Idiotest episode that aired on May 31, 2016.

On the second episode of Idiotest that aired last night (originally at 10:30pm ET), an engaged couple (Stephen and Courtney) competed against best friends (Jordan and Cecil).

The entire episode, Stephen and Courtney had not scored. Leading into the final round, Stephen and Courtney had $0 while Jordan and Cecil had a healthy amount (of which I cannot remember). On the final puzzle before the Smart Money Round, with cash deductions at $100 a second, Stephen locked in with $1,500 remaining. Gleib went to Jordan and Cecil first, who had solved the puzzle correctly and had $1,340 as their final score. Stephen answered correctly, where he and Courtney won the game $1,500 to $1,340.

For comments: Fair or foul? I say fair, because if you want to win Idiotest, you need to have a big enough lead and answer quickly to keep money totals high (but with a correct guess). This proves no lead is safe on Idiotest.

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