Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time for a 'Baggage' revival?

The recent Baggage ratings were nothing spectacular, but the increase of Baggage airtime on the GSN airwaves is a matter to note.

A Baggage revival with host Jerry Springer
should be on GSN's radar.
GSN's most recent attempt at bringing
back Baggage, Baggage On The Road,
barely clicked with the GSN audience in 2015.
It was a year ago that GSN's latest Baggage revival, Baggage On The Road, was cancelled. Baggage On The Road was never suppose to be in for the long haul, given that the 20 episode series was likely filler for the production collapse of The Line.

Needless to say, no GSN revival has achieved a second season since The Newlywed Game in 2009. Since 2009, GSN's revivals were one-and-done, including 1 vs. 100, Lingo, The Pyramid, Minute to Win It, Baggage On The Road and Chain Reaction. All six revivals were renewable and none were complete flops comparable to Lie Detectors and Mind of a Man.

One could say GSN could revive 5th Grader, Whammy! or Password. But those are far too traditional for what GSN wants (see Skin Wars). Baggage, a proven success, is a crossroad between traditional and completely non-traditional while having a history of skewing fairly young.

What is interesting about Baggage lately, which is what prompted this post, is GSN's likability towards Baggage, even if it has been filler for the failures of others. Starting this week, GSN decided rerun airtime was up altogether for Chain Reaction (Catherwood) and Baggage On The Road. All six of their latenight slots were taken up by Baggage. Now the 2010-12 version of Baggage covers a total of 8.5% of GSN's weekly schedule.

In the situation that both Winsanity flops (unlikely) and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is no Skin Wars (50/50 shot), then a Baggage revival is worth a shot. Think about it: We have Idiotest and Skin Wars on year-to-year-to-year decline and for the near future, Hellevator and Window Warriors Season 2 are risky and riskier.

GSN just needs to get it right with a Baggage revival and change virtually nothing. The problem with Baggage On The Road was change, even though it was not that much. I watch the 2010-12 version of Baggage occasionally and say to myself "a new version of Baggage, virtually like this, could work here in 2016." Get Springer back, introduce a similar set and untouched format from the 2010-12 version. Baggage should not have ended after three seasons and the ratings decline were due to horrible schedule shifting, which started in April 2011.


  1. Baggage On The Road seemed like a parody of the original Baggage. It was toned down, boring, and even Jerry seemed out of it. I would like to see a Baggage revival. With it getting more reruns in late night, GSN should consider it for a reboot. None of this on the road crap. I don't think Window Warriors will live after one season. I guess Window Wars was too obvious of a title. Fresh Paint will be a decent hit because the Skin Wars crowd will like it. For non Skin Wars fans, they don't have to worry about following the season. It's new contestants every week. I agree if Winsanity succeeds, it's see ya bye for Idiotest.

    1. Baggage On The Road was toned down, including Jerry. He did not seem that in to the show, likely knew it was only filler and would not be back in the future.

      While Baggage On The Road did not hit the spot, a Baggage revival could. Take the success and energy the show had about six years ago this summer and there's success. It can be done. Springer and Baggage can get press!

      I propose this Baggage revival because I have great uncertainty surrounding Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Window Warriors.

      I also do not think Idiotest is necessarily a goner with a Winsanity success. If there is massive success for Winsanity and Idiotest continues its current, average but still young-skewing numbers, then I can see a shift in focus away from Idiotest to Winsanity. But I believe Idiotest is relatively safe for a fourth go-around, even if it's only forty episodes again.

  2. GSN had to screw up the slots for Baggage and its viewers went down big. I thought the reruns would do well in syndication and would fit in with Springer's talker, but I guess people were tired of Baggage by then.

    BTW, would 500 Questions work on GSN?

    1. 500 Questions is like The Chase. 500 Questions would skew older than GSN would like. So while 500 Questions may perform well in total viewers like The Chase, GSN probably would not like the older skew.

  3. A revival, sure. But get rid of Springer.

    Another revival could be "Card Sharks", only at 11pm with more adult oriented questions.