Monday, May 2, 2016

Renewal odds 5/2/16: 'Hellevator', 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest'

Hellevator: An abbreviated (4 episodes) Season 2 coming this Fall. Chance of renewal (for Season 2): 100% (flat)

Skin Wars: Ratings were up big last week from the premiere, almost back to the ordinary Skin Wars levels. Plus, Season 4 is pretty certain to be underway. Chance of renewal (for Season 4): 99% (flat)

Idiotest: Excluding the Wednesday, April 20th new episode (with horrible lead-in Political Idiotest), the six episodes of Idiotest this season thus far have averaged 334,000 total viewers and 102,000 18-49 viewers. All six episodes have had a strong "median viewer age" presence, with overall this stretch of episodes containing a median viewer age of about 57 years old, pretty young skewing for old-skewing GSN. Although numbers are not the strongest and down season-to-season, I still give Idiotest a favorable shot at renewal. Chance of renewal (for Season 4): 60% (up 5% from last week)


  1. I think people are starting to get tired of Idiotest. That would maybe be why the viewer average has been down from last season. It'll probably get renewed because it's young skewing.

  2. So happy Lingo's back! I actually forgot the change started this week, so I'll start watching it tomorrow morning again.

    Oh, I just noticed something. ABC's version of $100k Pyramid is basically going to crush GSN's $25k version. First off, the total amount the contestant can win on ABC's version is $150k, unlike the smaller $50k for GSN's version. And second, so far, haven't heard anything yet on ABC butchering the prize amounts like GSN did, with GSN forcing the contestants to get 3 perfect rounds in order to even play for the $25k, which most of the time didn't happen anyway. Plus ABC brought back the Mystery 7. So, I applaud ABC for understanding game shows better than an actual Game Show Network, because at least they're getting it right.

    1. It's sad that a major network knows how a game show works and GSN has to screw it up.

      I think $100,000 Pyramid will be awesome. Strahan might be a good fit and could gel in with the contestants and celebs. With Match Game, this is the second version to air on ABC after the short lived 1990 revival. Even though that was way better than that terrible 1998 revival.

      If MG 2016 and Strahan Pyramid become hits, who knows what classic game they could bring back from the dead. There have been talks of a Hollywood Squares revival.

      Maybe a Card Sharks reboot would be nice, but don't make it like that god awful 2001 version. At least Pyramid is back on TV. I remembered CBS ordered a pilot of a Pyramid reboot with Andy Richter as host in 2010. Too bad they turned it down and instead greenlighted a View rip off known as The Talk.

      CBS needs to get back into the primetime game biz, but that won't happen. The three upcoming TPIR specials don't count because those could have aired in daytime. Fox doesn't have any game shows this time around probably due to the big failures of 5th Grader and BOOM!. NBC might burn off the remaining episodes of HGN during the summer.

    2. This is a quote from Les Moonves himself back in 2000, when Who Wants to be a Millionaire was bringing in 30 million+ viewers for ABC:

      "Every half-hour of a game show that's on the air means a hundred people in Hollywood are out of work, and by that I mean writers, producers, directors."

      Those were his exact words 16 years ago. So, it comes as no surprise that every primetime game show pilot CBS has done since Q3 2009 has not been greenlit by the network, as I'm sure Moonves needs to give his approval, which he's clearly not doing. The only reason the TPIR specials are airing is because of ABC's interest in game shows this year, and Moonves doesn't want to give the impression to the public that he hates game shows, even though he does, so this way he can lie and say, "Hey, see I love game shows! We're airing Price Is Right at night time! We're not biased against the genre."

      Anyways, that's CBS for you. I give them some credit for actually creating a new Star Trek TV series, but Moonves even managed to mess that up with the CBS All Access debacle, so the guy doesn't know anything. He needs to leave the network. Get someone better to run it.

      On a different note, interestingly enough, FOX still hasn't yet removed 5th Grader, BOOM and Bullseye from their All Shows page on their website. Makes me wonder if they haven't removed them because they're lazy, or if they haven't removed them because they haven't yet decided to firmly cancel them as of yet. In fact, why FOX chose to renew "Home Free" is beyond me in the first place. At this point, everyone knows that all of the contestants win houses, even if they get eliminated, so what's the point in bringing back the show. You've already spoiled the surprise. Unbelievable.

    3. Home Free wasn't that bad. It was certainly better than Knock Knock Live I can tell you that. I think it was a ripoff of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but it wasn't terrible. I think the network is lazy if they can't remove shows that are not airing off their website. Moonves doesn't know how to run a network. I would like to see Millionaire return to ABC again. Maybe for a 20th anniversary special I hope. The 5th Grader reboot was as harmless as the original, but the slow pace and constant spoilers is what killed the show. Also, Fox was stupid in putting it up against the #1 summer show, America's Got Talent. The slow pace was ridiculous. I could take a nap, play on my XBOX, and mow the lawn in that order and they would still be on the first question. Also on its first episode back, they literally spoiled that the male contestant was going to attempt the million dollar question. I wanted to see the outcome and he lost, but that almost made me switch the channel. Then again, I can't complain because the original had a habit of spoiling the episode as well.

      Non related, but with the ratings Idiotest has put up lately, a fourth season is possible. It has done decently at 10 against tough competition like the NBA/NHL playoffs and network shows.