Friday, May 27, 2016

GSN's age issue

Yet more reasons why young-skewing Hellevator, Idiotest and Skin Wars are all likelier than not to stick around in 2017.

I watch GSN often. That's no lie. But no matter what time of day or show, whether Lingo in late-morning or 2013-14 episodes of Steve Harvey Family Feud twelve hours later, commercials keep appearing that definitely skew to the older crowd.

Let's take this Entresto advertisement. It's a very nice commercial that features everyday Americans dealing with the unfortunate health issue of heart failure. It runs on GSN every hour, at least once an hour.

Now, heart failure is an issue that more 75 year-olds have to worry about than 25 year-olds.

This is a continued example of GSN skewing old and the reason why there is so much focus on Family Feud, Idiotest, Skin Wars and Hellevator with the dwindling of shows that skew older. Even The Newlywed Game, a GSN success that has been known to skew fairly old in new runs and reruns has virtually vanished off the GSN schedule.

GSN's median viewer age as recent as 2013 was over 65 years old. As of 2015, it is 59.

Believe me when I say that GSN executives do not want their network known for commercials that plead to an older audience. Heart failure, along with many other ads on GSN, plead to an aging audience (not to say that heart failure is not an issue for those in their younger years).

Throughout the past five years, I admit I have seen new advertisers come to GSN that appeal to a younger-audience as GSN has appealed to a younger audience, particularly since the August 2014 launches of Skin Wars and Idiotest.

Let's face it. It's unfortunate, but if you are over 60 years old, GSN, along with many cable nets, do not care about you. But GameShowNetworkNews does!


  1. I remember growing up watching Price Is Right and the commercials would be something like Wilford Brimley telling you about diabetes, medicine and where to get it, old people stuff. It's unfortunate, but it happens. With GSN, I've seen those types of commercials on shows like Feud or Idiotest.

  2. Winsanity will be a Huge Failure it is a horrible show Man Vs Fly is much better would like to see this turned into a series

  3. So... watching 500 Questions reminds me of how great it can be when you're a contestant on a game show that PLAYS MUSIC DURING THE ACTUAL TAPING OF THE SHOW, like they used to do all the time, before networks (including GSN) got this stupid idea of adding in music/sounds only after the taping during post-production. Being on a game show is all about the experience, and the experience is degraded when you don't get to hear the audio while you yourself are playing the game.

    That aside, I really wish they hadn't removed the Triple Threat, the Top Ten Challenge, and the Milestone questions.

    Watching 500 Questions also reminds me of how cheap the payouts are, for a primetime game show, especially now that Triple Threat/Milestones have been eliminated. Unless there is some kind of bonus we don't know about that applies if you make it through all 500 Questions, earning $1,000 a question is extremely cheap. You could get through all 500 Questions and have earned less than $500k total. By contrast, you could win $150k on the Pyramid with far less difficulty than answering 500 of the hardest questions possible. Makes me feel like the prize ladder for 500 Questions should've been modified so that the prize amounts increase with every successful round of 30 or 50, instead of always staying at a constant $1,000 per question, because the way it is now, there's really no incentive to keep playing the game at higher rounds, when the prize amount stays constant. Plus, only banking the money at the end of the round eliminates any kind of risk factor, as you're just basically encouraged to keep playing until you lose.

    If it's renewed for a 3rd season (highly doubt it, but mind you it did bring in 5 million for the premiere), they REALLY need to re-tool the prize ladder. Also, NBC's Strong and FOX's American Grit are essentially dead in the water. Sure to be cancelled.

  4. American Grit is good, but I guess the Fox audience doesn't like it. Strong was never a hit from the getgo. I think it's premiere got like over 3 million. 500 Questions seems like it did get cheap now with 3 questions in each category. And with it airing 5 nights this time around instead of 7 like last year, ABC doesn't have a lot of confidence in the show. I still like the show and Harris actually does a solid job as host. Another Fox show, Coupled looks to be gone too. A episode has yet to crack 2 million. I see it going after 3 episodes.

    Game shows do get cheap as the years go on. Look at Hollywood Squares. In its last season of the Bergeron era, the prizes were smaller and the best money prize you could win was a maximum of $25,000. Unlike the previous season where you could win up to $100,000. I really do wish Celebrity Feud would up the prize to $50,000. $25,000 seems cheap and any celebrity can have that money if they wanted to. And if a player did go all 500 questions, $500,000 is still a good amount of money.