Thursday, May 5, 2016

GSN updates: 'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint' gets premiere date; 'Idiotest' & 'Skin Wars' ratings

GSN has officially announced that Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will premiere Wednesday, June 15th at 10pm ET. This premiere date was first announced at this site weeks ago, which GSN later retracted but has now made official. Skin Wars will move timeslots for its new episodes to 9pm ET (which will be ending its current third season in June), immediately before Skin Wars: Fresh Paint at 10pm ET.

The Skin Wars: Fresh Paint crew is the same from the August special. RuPaul Charles hosts and judges include Emma Cammack and Mat Gleason.

Idiotest (May 3rd) and Skin Wars (May 4th) ratings

Source: ShowBuzz

GSN Ratings Tuesday, May 3rd (All Times ET):
10:00pm Idiotest (new): 378,000 total viewers/0.07 18-49 HH; up 15% in total viewers/down in 18-49 viewers from last week
10:30pm Idiotest (new): 348,000 total viewers/0.08 18-49 HH; up 7% in total viewers/down in 18-49 viewers from last week

Source: ShowBuzz

GSN Ratings Wednesday, May 4th (All Times ET):
10:00pm Skin Wars (new): 447,000 total viewers/0.15 18-49 HH; down 21% in total viewers/about even in 18-49 viewers from last week


  1. So the new season of 500 Questions is a 5-night event...

    Well, that pretty much guarantees no one's going to reach 500 Questions again, especially since the season starts with Ken Jennings, and he's probably going to reach at least 250 or 300, thus eliminating anyone else's chances of hitting that 500 mark. The real question on everyone's minds is if there'll be a third season, because at this rate, there won't be...

  2. It's 5 nights this time instead of 7 nights like last year? I wonder if Jennings can take it all the way. I thought this time 500 would be a weekly event, but I guess not. I do think Dan Harris will be a much better host than Richard Quest was. His yelling did get a little tiring and him repeating the "3 wrong in a row and you're gone" scenario to a contestant in jeopardy was annoying. It's actually one of the better game shows out of the last few years. I do like the dark set as it creates the mood of the show.

    BTW, I saw the upcoming celebs on the new season on Celeb Feud. Of course they are D listers, but one family that is interesting is Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin. This might be the very first Family Feud to ever feature a gay couple. Another good matchup is Garrett Morris of SNL fame taking on Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince and Funny Videos. There is a list online for the matchups and who is competing. Didn't give the air date though.

    And with the three Price Is Right specials due later this month, I wonder if CBS will possibly bring back the Million Dollar specials again if the three are ratings hits. Just a thought Les.

    1. Maybe the ratings didn't justify them extending it... I'm not sure. 500 Questions is a unique case. History has shown us that "primetime game show events" like 500 Questions usually start as a special weeklong event, but once renewed for future seasons, then move into a once-per-week format.

      Instead, 500 Questions is taking the completely opposite approach. Not only is ABC reducing it further from 7 days to 5 days, but they're still keeping it as a single weeklong event. And then to start off the season with Ken Jennings, who already has more than enough money as it is, instead of starting with that final contestant from last season who didn't even get a chance to answer a single question before time ran out.

      It almost gives me the impression that the network execs at ABC were like, "Well, the ratings for Season 1 weren't high enough to justify producing more episodes, but at the same time, they weren't that bad to justify cancellation of the series, so... we'll bring it back for an even shorter run this time, but we'll start off with Ken Jennings to see if we can get the ratings to spike."

      Otherwise it wouldn't have taken a whole year to produce this second season, since we know for a fact Match Game is going from the greenlight to production to airing within a timespan of just 2 months.

      Almost feels like 500 Questions is getting the Monopoly Millionaires' Club treatment. Shorter, cheaper second season, then cancellation, unless ratings improve from Season 1.

      I really hope ABC doesn't follow GSN's disastrous strategy with focusing on cheap "Feud-like" game shows, instead of creating expensive primetime ones, because even though I like both types, I would prefer auditioning for a game show that gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars -- not a GSN-type show that gives away just $10k and tries to focus too hard on the comedy aspect of the show.

    2. Jennings is probably a ratings move. I guess he likes winning money every time. You're on to something about ABC shortening this season of 500 Q. The network probably doesn't have faith in the show if they shortened it to 5 episodes.

      It's just like Hollywood Squares in its last year. The show got cheaper in its prizes. KingWorld gave it the boot after 6 years. The downfall began after the CBS affiliates would drop the show for The Insider, which debuted the year Squares was canceled. I would like to see the show back on the air at some point.

      Look at Celebrity Feud, the show doesn't have that stellar of a grand prize either. $25,000 I guess is cheap nowadays. The celebrities that compete on there are cheap to get so that way ABC doesn't blow big money off A Listers.

      ABC was lucky to even get Steve Harvey to host the primetime edition because he's expensive. If they didn't get Harvey, they would have hired a mid level comedian like a Wayne Brady or Drew Carey. With Alec Baldwin hosting MG 2016, I read that he has the hugest salary ever for a game show host. I did think Strahan would be good to host CFF if Harvey didn't want to host it.

      BTW, way late but congrats to Craig Ferguson for winning his second Emmy for hosting Celebrity Name Game. Probably one of the best game show hosts on TV right now.