Tuesday, May 24, 2016

GSN schedule June 6-12 released

GSN has released their advanced schedule for the week of June 6th. This is the week Winsanity premieres.

June 6-12 (new)

*Winsanity launches Thursday at 9pm and 9:30pm. Both episodes are new and will rerun later that night at 12am, 12:30am, 3am and 3:30am; replacing Family Feud and The Newlywed Game
*Winsanity will rerun regularly Saturday at 8pm and 8:30pm; replacing Family Feud
*Winsanity will rerun regularly Sunday at 1pm and 1:30pm; replacing Family Feud
*Winsanity will rerun for one week only Friday at 10pm and 10:30pm; replacing Family Feud
*Family Feud will air Wednesday latenight at 1am and 1:30am for one week only; replacing The Newlywed Game
*Family Feud will regularly air Thursday and Friday latenight at 1am and 1:30am; replacing The Newlywed Game
*Family Feud will regularly air Saturday at 1am and 1:30am; replacing The Newlywed Game

All Times ET


  1. WOnder if GSN will make a mention or do something to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Feud in July. It seems likely Buzzr will.

  2. A 40th anniversary of Family Feud = 40 ways of telling a dick joke that's been disguised as a survey question/answer.

    (in Harvey's eyes that is)

  3. Time for the moderator to start looking at these posts. There is NO EXCUSE for Tom Lee's comment to go unnoticed. WAKE UP.

    1. I delete several comments of that sort each week, sometimes multiple per day all likely from the same source. Comments are emailed to me directly and somehow I missed the one you pointed out to me, which was completely inappropriate and just deleted+sent to spam. Sorry I missed it!

    2. Thank you Scott...FYI Tom Lee is a Lexie Guerrero alias.

    3. I will make sure to delete every one of those comments immediately as long as I am near my computer or phone. Remarks that are derogatory will not be tolerated at GameShowNetworkNews.